Having cancer is one of the many things people do not want to experience. If they have cancer, they search for different treatments available and go to hospitals to get them. You will see many remedies once you search the internet, and the common ones are chemotherapy and surgery. But, there is one treatment that people should not forget: brachytherapy in Singapore.


Cancer patients need to look for all the treatment options available to ensure that they get the correct one for their condition. And if you are searching for a breast cancer treatment in Singapore, surf the internet and see them there, including the hospitals where you can have the cure. Once you have decided on undergoing brachytherapy, be aware of what you need to do before, during, and after.


If you want to undergo brachytherapy in Singapore, knowing what you need to do before the check-up and treatment can help you be more aware of what you will face. Many patients have second thoughts about seeking a professional, so knowing what to do can help you prepare.

  • Bring your medical records because it is one way for the doctors to know about you and your condition. Some illnesses have been running in the family, so they must understand if yours is the same. If you have checked with another doctor and hospital before, it is okay. You still need to carry those files to know the proper breast cancer treatment.
  • Always drink water to keep yourself hydrated. It is necessary even if you will not undergo a check-up. It ensures that it will not affect your test results and overall treatment.
  • Do some research about your illness, the treatment, and the hospital. But, never self-diagnose as it can affect how you view your condition. Read and gain knowledge on reliable health websites to ensure that you get the correct information. For those who need to undergo cervical cancer treatment in Singapore, always remember this factor.
  • Ask someone to be with you so you can have moral support, and it could be your family, friends, or partner, depending on who you will be comfortable asking. Be with someone who understands your situation, considering that cancer is not something you should not ignore.
  • Be clear about what you feel to give accurate details to the doctor. If you feel pain in your body, do not be afraid to tell them so they can help you. Not being clear about your situation might lead the doctor to give you the wrong breast cancer treatment.


Once you arrive at the clinic or hospital to know the breast cancer treatment for you, ensure that you are ready to face the doctor. This way, you can be clear about what you feel, whether it includes pain or not.


  • Greet the doctor once you enter the clinic. It is a basic courtesy to acknowledge them as someone who can help you with your brachytherapy journey.
  • Be precise with what you have been experiencing for the past days or months. You can start it with the pain until the most recent signs. Do not be afraid or think that the doctor will judge you.
  • Tell them more about your family health history because they can use it as a basis for what to do with your condition. Learning about it may help you understand the breast cancer treatment they had. It might also be the remedy you need.
  • Ask for the available treatment aside from surgery, chemotherapy, and brachytherapy. These can help you have many options, especially if others are not for your condition. Never limit yourself to understanding more treatments, knowing that they can help you in the future.
  • Know the treatment cost because the overall treatment could get affected if you will not ask. You need to prepare your budget and call for health insurance.
  • Do not forget to thank the doctor before leaving the clinic and acknowledge them for helping you understand your condition and what breast cancer treatment can help you.


Once you are outside the clinic, there are also things you need to remember to ensure that you recover from the ailment. Aside from knowing brachytherapy and other available treatments, there are things that your doctor said that you need to follow.


  • Buy your medicine and take them at the correct time. The prescription that the doctor gives includes a schedule of the intake. It can help in your preparation for breast cancer treatment.
  • Follow what the doctor told you to guarantee recovery. Those matters could involve the things you do in a day, so you need to adjust to your new normal.
  • Always have someone with you even before the brachytherapy session. Your companion is the one who can notice the changes in you, especially when it comes to your physical appearance. If you also need assistance with something, they can help.
  • Remember to check yourself whenever you feel down and nervous. Knowing that you have cancer can make you uneasy, so never forget to check your well-being. It is necessary to cheer yourself up to help you overcome your condition.
  • Eat nutritious food every time, even if you will not undergo breast cancer treatment. Some of the nutrients your body needs are minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamin C.
  • Save the date of your check-up days to avoid conflicts in your schedule. If you have a job to keep, inform your office mates early about your check-ups.
  • Do more research even after the check-up. And if you have new questions, do not just rely on the internet. You may ask your doctor about those and get accurate answers. If it is about brachytherapy, seek the assistance of professionals.

Understanding what you need to do before, during, and after your treatment can help you be more prepared for what you face. These can make you stronger and have the will to overcome your situation. Learn more about brachytherapy in Singapore by visiting the website of Dr Johann Tang – Radiation Oncologist Singapore.