The travel agencies are professional and commercial companies that are dedicated exclusively to the exercise of mediation or organization of tourist services and may use their resources in providing them.

Its main objective is to achieve satisfaction, and the loyalty of customers who demand quality tourism services/products that are distributed by travel agencies and that cover their different needs and motivations.

There Are Several Types Of Travel Agencies:

Wholesale/Tour Operator: Deals with the production of travel and tourism services on offer. Your product will be marketed through retailers.

Retailer: They cannot produce programs or tour packages; their function is the sale to the final customer of the packages previously developed by the wholesaler. On a reduced scale, the retail agency can produce tour packages like the bangkok city temple tour. This type of agency is the most abundant.

Wholesalers/retailers (mixed): Those who create products and sell them both through their networks of retail agencies.

Normally, mixed agencies are born as retailers, which expand their sales network, creating the products that they sell through it. When the size of your network is very wide, they are converted into this mode.

Taking Into Account Their Specialty And Type Of Activity We Can Find Other Types Of Agencies:

Incoming or receiving: They bring their clients to where they are located. The advantages that this type of agencies have is that they know in depth the tourist sector of the area where they are established, and thus, obtain very advantageous prices.

Broadcasters: They are specialized in sending their clients to destinations or geographical areas different from where the agency is located.

Transmitters-receivers (vertical): They can simultaneously perform the functions of the issuing and the receiving agency.

Online or virtual sales agencies (OTA’s): Many times, they are agencies that do not have a physical presence, but the sale takes place through their corresponding website/portal. They can be independent or be part of a group. They do not exercise the advisory function of the travel agent.