Anxiety disorder is a common health problem for millions of people. The situation we are in now also triggers the increase of such health conditions. The immobility situation caused by this pandemic increases the case of anxiety disorder. But not only humans are affected in this kind of mental health condition as well as animals, especially dogs.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder in humans

  • A sense of imminent danger in humans
  • Nervousness or feeling restless
  • Hyperventilation
  • Increase heart rate
  • Trembling and sweating
  • Being weak or tired
  • Trouble in concentrating

Symptoms of dog anxiety

  • Drooling and panting
  • Being aggressive
  • Urinating inside the house 
  • Frequent and excessive basking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Trembling and even hiding

Treating Anxiety Disorder

We must be aware of these symptoms for this may help us to be ready in any case. Knowing precautions and treatment is also important. For instance, anxiety disorder can be treated with cbd for humans and cbd pets for dogs. There are many types of medication, one is using cbd oil. Oil in cbd pets is quite effective as veterinarians suggested. Although not all countries approve this because of legality issues, in medication they are able to apprehend.

Experts say that anxiety is lifelong or not curable at all but you can lessen the effect by using the right treatment and activities that are helpful to minimize the attack . Some suggest that your physical routine may help. Meditation is one helpful way. Changing your lifestyle, by eliminating activities, foods and habits that may trigger an attack. Change your environment as much as possible.

Like humans, dog anxiety can also be treated to minimize the effect. Most dogs with anxiety feel threatened and unsecure. To lessen their anxiousness we might increase our physical contract  with them. Exercising them is also effective. Remove their insecurity by giving them a hug or wrapping them with a blanket.

Know the precautions 

Knowing the early signs of anxiety disorder is one way to avoid big problems or effects that may come. Being aware of the disorder is one way of avoiding it. Don’t think that studying its nature will give you the feeling of anxiety, instead doing this is according to the saying ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Try to understand the word between, so you can avoid it as early as possible.

Having knowledge of the disease may also help you know how to treat those suffering from it. You will know how to comfort them and somehow ease their pain. You may be able to help their situation and be a helping hand. There is no exact age for this disorder, anyone can be a victim. To prevent suffering from anxiety disorder, try to live a balanced and happy life.

Worrying too much and thinking things that are far off from happening and not practical may lead to anxiety. Too much expectation is also one cause of this disorder, so be practical. Be positive, thankful always and feel the beauty of life that God gave us.