If you are thinking of buying or using a free pdf converter, it is better to know the capabilities of such converters beforehand. Let us discuss these capabilities in this article.

Word to pdf – Mostly, everyone will use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. However, the storage medium will be pdf and they will convert the Word into pdf later. So, the primary usage of a pdf converter will be the conversion between Word and pdf formats. Almost all pdf converters will let you do this and you need not have a doubt. However, you should check whether the converter converts Word or pdfs that contain images.

Excel to pdf – If you are into the documentation of values and data instead of text, you will do it with Excel. So, most companies will use these excel documents and the requirement for conversion of Excel sheets into pdf will be there. However, you can do this process with all pdf converters without any change in the layout of the sheet.

PNG, JPG to pdf – You may know that PNG is the format for image files. Let us assume that you have to add content that is sent to you in the form of a PNG or JPG image by someone to the existing pdf file. Without a pdf converter, you could not do this. If you insert the image as it is to the Word and do something, it will look awkward. So, you should use an image to pdf conversion option available in your pdf converter. If you do, the image’s content will get added to the pdf without any awkwardness.

Make changes in pdf – You need not convert another file into pdf all the time. There are some other necessities for a pdf converter and the primary necessity is to make some changes to an already existing pdf file. As the pdf format is known to restrict editing, you should use this tool to add, delete, or insert items in your pdf documents. You can do this even without considering the conversion to a Word file.

Watermark – A watermark is nothing but a faded image somewhere on the pages of your document that will represent something. Mostly, it will be the logos or the names of organizations or whatever you prepare the document for. You cannot create this fade image on your documents in any way. However, a pdf converter can do t6his for you.

Signature – Similar to watermarks, you may have to add the signature of yourself or your organization on all the pages. These converter tools will help you do the same as per your requirements. You can add a signature to all the pages at ease.

File compression – It is a common feature in all pdf converters helping you to reduce the size of the pdf file without the loss of data.

Combine or split – At times, you may have to combine two pdfs into a single file or cut a large document into several files. Professional pdf converters offer this facility.


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