The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many areas of our day to day life to switch online. We purchase our daily essentials like food and clothes through our phones. We pay utility bills and transfer cash online. Students attend their whole semester through online classes while office workers finish their duties in work from home setup. People enjoy concerts online while attending seminars through a virtual exhibition in Singapore.

The activities we casually do outside our homes can now be accomplished within the four corners of our mobile phone and computer screens. Who would imagine that we will reach a point where a hybrid event in Singapore has been the next big thing.

Speaking of hybrid and virtual events in Singapore, the global pandemic has brought the best and worst in this new technological adaptation. The impact of a virtual event platform in Singapore is undeniable in these trying times, especially for corporations. But is a virtual event the right tool for you? Learn its advantages and disadvantages here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting Virtual Events

ADVANTAGE #1: Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction

Amidst the pandemic, many countries have implemented restrictions on mass gathering in public and private spaces. Many governments encourage staying at home to mitigate the spread and transmission of the virus. Offices, schools, transportation services, and even entertainment events such as concerts and cinemas have been impacted by these restrictions. Businesses have also suffered from these limitations. Organisations and corporations were not able to conduct informative conferences and trade exhibitions.

However, thanks to a virtual event company in Singapore, these industries can still hold these types of activities without breaking government restrictions. It is through virtual events.

In virtual events, people can attend and participate in seminars, conferences, talks, and exhibits without going to exhibit halls and events venues.

They can listen, learn, meet, and talk to new people in the comforts of their homes without risking their health. On top of that, a virtual event organiser in Singapore doesn’t have to worry about reserving a hall nor assisting attendees to their seats for the conference.

ADVANTAGE #2: Data Gathering and Analytics

Before, when online registration was not yet a thing, people would queue at the registration booth to fill out basic information such as name, age, occupation, and email address for data gathering before entering the exhibition hall.

In the previous years, pre-pandemic, online registration has been utilised for faster and more accurate data gathering and analytics. Today, with the virus still going around and places still under restrictions, there is no other way for attendees to register but online.

And with online registration, it is easier for a virtual event organiser in Singapore to track attendees. The data collected are essential for promotions, marketing strategy, and other future events.

Have you ever received a promotion email from an event organiser you attended long before? You may have registered with them using your email address.

ADVANTAGE #3: Time and Cost-Efficient

The best thing about the virtual event platform in Singapore is they are flexible in terms of time, location, and cost.

One of the struggles for multinational companies is time differences and schedules. Attendees from different parts of the world can attend a conference call on their lunch break, before bedtime, or early in the morning. It is possible simply because the attendees do not have to travel and meet at a particular place for a meeting.

This advantage can also be translated to cost-efficiency. With a virtual exhibition in Singapore, organisers save money from travel expenses, accommodation, event hall reservation fees, and catering services.

DISADVANTAGE #1: Lack of Networking


Apparently, the lack of face-to-face interaction is a double-edged sword. In the current situation, where public health is at risk due to the pandemic, the lack of social interaction is beneficial in a hybrid event in Singapore.

However, business conferences and corporate events are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to build a network and socialise with potential business partners and investors.

On top of that, it is harder to interact and personally connect with your audience on a virtual event platform in Singapore than in a physical conference or seminar.

It is also hard to maintain and hold attention in a virtual event. The body language of the speaker plays a role in grasping the attention of the attendees. However, companies can opt for a hybrid event in Singapore that allows multiple camera angles and shots of the speaker.

DISADVANTAGE #2: Technological Limitations

Let’s face it. Even in this modern age, not everyone has a stable internet connection, laptops and computers, and even smartphones that can access an advanced virtual event platform in Singapore.

On top of that, a large portion of the population is not tech-savvy, especially the older generation. Technological and resource limitations can be a hindrance in conducting a virtual exhibition in Singapore.

However, this can be addressed by providing a user-friendly virtual event platform in Singapore and running a dry run prior to the main event to help not so tech-savvy people familiarise themselves with controls of the virtual event tool and platform.

DISADVANTAGE #3: Does Not Generate Revenue

Firstly, paid conferences, seminars, and lectures may put off a lot of people. In reality, people are still dubious about online learning and may find paid online classes not worthy of money.

Secondly, the lack of face-to-face interaction stops companies and businesses from sponsoring events. Most sponsors, organisations, and investors look forward to after-hours networking opportunities.

Therefore if the traction of potential attendees of the event does not satisfy sponsors, they are less likely to support the virtual event.

Lastly, another problem a virtual event organiser in Singapore faces is the illegal streaming links of paid virtual events. Unfortunately, people use streaming tools to preview the paid content publicly. This activity is outright stealing, which also means revenue loss.


According to the well-known proverb, necessity is the mother of invention. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity for a safe, flexible, and efficient way of holding events has given birth to virtual events.

Yes, virtual events have their benefits, but it also lacks the advantages of the traditional way of organising gatherings. However, not soon enough, people will find ways to address these failings because, just like the proverb says, necessity is the mother of invention.

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