Teams and Free agent refunds will now no longer be prevalent 10 days previous to the big name of the 2022 season; 8 AM. All refunds are issued to a $25 Administration rate if applicable. This applies to Team deposits and free retailers. The league simplest offers refunds free of situs slot hoki charge to retailers and groups earlier than the required date.

Does Women’s and Coed have exceptional department stages? 

Each yr we specify what department your crew could be first-class ideal for withinside the registration shape for Coed & Women’s divisions. Women’s A or B department & Coed A/B, or C department, If there aren’t sufficient groups to deal with for devoted divisions primarily based totally on the league’s overview then the department can be set as one department for the ordinary season and cut up throughout the playoffs described earlier than the begin of the season.

Can I make a timetable desire earlier than the season starts? 

We do now no longer take delivery of any timetable requests. We will do our first class to stabilize the timetable flippantly among all groups inside a department.

If I use protecting shin pads, do they want to be covered? 

Sport socks need to be worn through gamers situs slot hoki who put on protective shin pads. They need to cowl the complete shin guard, however no better than the pinnacle of the shin (knees need to know no longer be covered). For gamers who put on Mylec or D-Gel emblem shin guards aren’t required to cowl them with socks.

Does the league deliver any system? 

Equipment is the gamer’s obligation. The league will deliver every registered crew with 10 CBHA-seasoned hockey balls previous to the season. Additional balls can be bought at our online store.

Is there a captain’s meet-up earlier than the season starts? 

Yes. The join-up will take region the week previous to the beginning of the season usually for crew reps to select up their crew hockey balls and respectable CBHA rule books.

How can you sign up for the 2022 Season? 

Online registration bureaucracy and charge alternatives are actually to be had on our internet site. You may mail on your crew deposit or charge. You can sign up by clicking on the register hyperlink on the pinnacle left of our situs slot hoki  internet site and pick the 2021 Summer Ball Hockey registration shape for groups or loose retailers.

Are groups required to have matching jerseys? 

All groups need to have an identical sweater color & shade, (IE: All blue or all black Etc, the stripes now no longer ought to match, simply the bottom color) with a one or everlasting digit range at the Back among 0-99. Taped numbers aren’t approved ever. 

May 1st is the closing date for matching jerseys with numbers irrespective of what number of video games you’ve got performed. A sleeveless uniform isn’t always approved.