Have you ever heard about osteopathy? If yes, you are probably wondering why most adults and seniors go to an osteopathic centre in Singapore.  Well, you see, this treatment is similar to physical therapy. It makes you feel better, so you would not be in pain. As a result, you can bounce back to whatever you are doing. 

To give you a recap of why you should undergo visceral osteopathy, reading the reasons below would help you understand.

  • Reduce stiffness of your muscles and joints
  • Corrects poor posture
  • Relieve your headaches
  • Lowers the pain of your injury

See, undergoing osteopathy in Singapore can indeed make you feel better. So, do not hesitate to get one if your body feels stiff and ache a lot. Nevertheless, if you decided to undergo one, keep in mind the things below. Following those would help you get the most out of your osteopathy visit. 

What must you do when undergoing osteopathy?

  1. Prepare your medical records.

For an osteo specialist to treat you right, they need to know your condition very well. To do that, they have to check your medical history. So, make sure to bring it with you when you go to an osteopathic centre in Singapore for the first time. 

  1. Wear comfortable clothing.

Some osteo specialist needs to feel your back to treat you right. That is why you have to wear something that you feel comfortable wearing. 

  1. Be on time.

Of course! That way, your body would have more time to settle down and relax. As a result, your muscles and joints would become less tense. Also, that would help you get ready to undergo visceral osteopathy. So, make sure to arrive early, at least ten to fifteen minutes before your appointment.

  1. Be honest.

You have to so your doctor would be able to access your condition accurately. So, if they ask you something, give them the correct information. Let them know what you truly feel like how much your body aches.

  1. Feel free to ask questions.

Since you are already there at the osteopathic centre, why not ask the osteospecialist about the things you do not understand. For sure, they will be happy to explain anything about your condition. So, make sure to create a list of questions at home. That would help you not forget the things you would want to know. 

What must you not do when undergoing osteopathy?

  1. Tapping your phone during the procedure

No matter how much you cannot live without your phone with you, make sure not to use it during your osteopathy visit. Otherwise, how would the specialist treat you if your hands are full? That is why try to let go of your phone for a while and focus more on your treatment.

  1. Drink alcohol or smoke the day before

If you do both these, not only you would feel stiff, but your muscles might have a spasm. So, try not to do it since the osteo specialist would have a hard time treating you. 

  1. Ate before your appointment

Try not to since it could elevate your blood sugar and blood pressure. Also, it could make you feel nauseous. When that happens, you might vomit what you ate. Well, at least try to eat two to three hours before your appointment.

Four questions about osteopath care that you have in mind

  1. Is the osteopathy treatment painful?

It does but not so much. The osteo specialist will do their best to make sure you would not feel any more than discomfort. 

  1. Is a referral from your primary care doctor necessary to visit an osteopath centre?

You do not necessarily need to have, but it would be better if someone refers you to an expert. That way, you would know the osteopathic centre will do great treating your needs. Nevertheless, you can still go there without any referral. 

  1. How much does it cost to undergo one?

Any osteopathic centre in Singapore would charge you at least S$100 per osteopathy treatment. However, the price may vary depending on your condition.

  1. Does health insurance cover osteopathy treatment?

Most health insurance in Singapore does cover the price of osteopathtreatment. However, they only pay for a certain number of visits. Therefore, anything more than that would go to your out of pocket. That is why you have to check with your healthcare provider how many visits they will cover. 

Three things to do after your osteopathy therapy

  1. Work out your body

To make sure your muscles and joints would not ache or become stiff again, you have to exercise regularly. An hour a day would help make a difference. 

  1. Consume healthy food

Eat food that is healthy for your body since it could help you recover quickly. Just make sure to eat enough calories a day. Well, at least 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day will do. 

  1. Get enough sleep

You have to since sleeping does not only repairs your muscles but also helps regenerate your cells. As a result, your body will be in better shape. So, make sure to get eight hours of sleep a day. 

Do you want to undergo osteopathy treatment in Singapore right away?

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