There are two different TOEIC tests, as well as it is feasible to obtain one or both of these.

The Listening as well as Checking out examination takes around two hours to finish, as well as has 200 questions, 100 in each section.

The Speaking and Writing test take one hour, and additionally contains 100 questions overall. This test is taken at the same time as the Listening as well as Analysis test, as an extension.
The examinations are computer-based as well as are provided at screening centers.

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  • Paying attention

The paying attention area of the TOEIC examination makes up 100 questions split right into four areas. The paying attention area of the TOEIC test takes forty-five minutes.

  • Photos

In the pictures area of the TOEIC, four brief declarations are each spoken once. The candidate ought to select the one which finest describes the picture.

  • Inquiry Reaction

The question feedback area makes up 25 questions. Each question reads aloud once as well as prospects ought to select one of the most ideal solutions from a list of three options.

  • Discussions

The conversations area consists of 39 questions. For each question, candidates are played a conversation between 2-3 people.

The discussions are not published as well as are only played one time.

Whilst paying attention, candidates can review the inquiries, which will after that be read out loud, as well as candidates, need to choose the best response for each and every question. Some questions may have added info in the form of diagrams or images.


  • Talks

The talks area of the TOEIC test consists of 30 questions. In each inquiry, an announcement or narrative reviewed out loud by one person will be played only one time.

Whilst listening, candidates check out concerns about the flow. The questions are after that read aloud as well as candidates should pick the most effective response for every question.

  • Reading

The reading section of the TOEIC test lasts for 75 minutes, as well as comprises 100 questions.

  • Composing

The writing area of the TOEIC examination comprises 8 questions.

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