Your Friday nights will never be complete without your favourite milk tea drinks and snacks as you watch Netflix on your bed. It is a way for you to destress after a stressful work or school week. And, if you don’t have enough energy to go out to buy your favourite foods, you’ll probably order online because it’s easy to do.

Plus, covid restrictions can’t stop you from satisfying their cravings! You can easily order online from a restaurant’s Facebook page or through a delivery service app. It’s convenient, like online shopping. Since almost all Singaporeans like to drink milk tea, it’s not unusual for milk tea stores to receive a high amount of orders despite the lockdown or limited physical contact.

For this reason, here are a few reminders before you buy milk tea online to ensure your safety and gastronomic satisfaction.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Milk Tea Online

Yes, ordering food online is nothing new for everyone. For sure, you’ve experienced ordering your comfort meals from GrabFood before. But have you thought about what to consider when adding milk tea in Singapore? Since it contains milk, it can spoil, and you should consume the drinks right away to retain the delicious taste. So, to satisfy your cravings, here are some things to consider when you buy milk tea online


1) Store Hours

Although ordering online is convenient, it doesn’t mean you can place your order any time of the day. It would be best to consider the store opening hours because somemilk tea stores in Singapore don’t operate for 24 hrs. It’s better to visit their store’s website and look for the service information.

Also, keep in mind that the covid restrictions may affect their daily schedule. If, for instance, you want to drink milk tea after your work, but the store closes at six p.m., you can place an order in the morning and put it in your refrigerator so you can drink before the day ends. You can also call the store to order days or weeks in advance.

Lastly, it’s advisable to place advanced orders during the holiday season because many people will surely use this time to celebrate the festivities

2) Location

Aside from the store hours, you should also consider the location. It’s not practical to order from a restaurant away from your home because it can spill or soil the food during transit. The weather can also affect the food quality, especially the extreme heat during the summer season. Some milk teas have ice and can melt under the scorching heat! So, before you buy bubble tea online, consider the store’s location before placing your order.

You can search milk tea stores near me on the Google search bar if you need some recommendations. But, if you have a preferred brand, look for the nearest branch before ordering. When you order from the nearest store, anticipate that the drinks will arrive fresh and delicious.

3) Milk Tea Choices

When ordering milk tea online, you should look at the menu first because there are many choices. You can choose from fruit tea, bubble tea, and coconut shake milk tea. There are many varieties, and you have to choose to suit your preferences. It’s better to look for a milk tea store that offers multiple choices.

It’s advisable to pick the best sellers because many people like the taste. There are also some well-known picks like matcha, Oreo cookie drinks, and fruit-inspired flavours. Before buying milk tea online, you should also consider the sweetness level. Most stores offer 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% sugar levels, so pick the sugar level that will suit your preferences.

4) Delivery Options/Methods

Two hours have passed, and your order hasn’t arrived yet. The scenario seldom happens, but there’s a possibility because of accidents, extreme weather, unforeseen problems, and traffic. With these situations, the milk tea store should give clear instructions for the compensation with your orders. Will they offer a refund or give you a new set of orders? It’s better to consider asking these questions before you buy bubble tea online.

Considering the situation above, ask the milk tea store if they offer speedy delivery services. With this, the orders can arrive at your doorstep without delays. Plus, you need to get confirmation through phone calls or email for your orders. If not, they may not process your orders.

Finally, don’t forget to ask about the delivery service fee. When you buy milk tea online, check the total amount of the price and consider the delivery fee to prepare your budget.

5) Mode of Payment

There are different modes of payment you can choose. It includes COD or cash on delivery, credit, debit cards, bank transfer, and virtual money. Ask the milk tea store about their available options for your payment method. If you want a cashless transaction, you can choose to pay through a bank transfer. But if you doubt the safety of cashless payment, you can go for COD.

When you buy milk tea in Singapore, make sure to consider the delivery charge and other service charges as they can affect the total amount. Be familiar with the general prices within your location because delivery charges may vary from 100 to 1000 dollars. With this, you can prepare your cash before the orders arrive at your doorstep.

6) Consider The Season (Holiday, Summer, Halloween)

Most milk tea stores in Singaporeoffer special perks and sales during special seasons like the holidays, summer, Halloween, Chinese new year, etc. Make sure to take advantage of these times to get the best deals. They may also offer to buy one take one perk during special holidays like Valentine’s day for couples. You can follow the milk tea store page to get an update about their current offers.

You can also follow their pages to get updates about their new releases, including flavours, unique toppings, and variations like coconut shake and bubble tea. When you consider this, you may get the best deal for your drinks, satisfy your cravings, and save more money

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