When buying T-shirts or a custom machanic shirt in a store, with some exceptions where only exclusive designs are sold, we will surely be buying a T-shirt with colours and designs equal to thousands of others, making it more likely that at some point two or two will coincide somewhere. More people dressed practically the same. If you like to be unique and original, they make it very difficult for you. All those clothes made in series, all those people with the same appearance, the same way of dressing and on the other hand, the high prices that exclusive clothing has.

However, there are much cheaper ways to wear a unique garment, and that is by opting to customize your shirts, where each person can think of a design to their liking and in a very short time at really surprising prices you get a different garment than those that can be found in any store. Everyone’s imagination is the limit in the personalized world.

How Are The Shirts Personalized

The shirts can be made in different ways. There is no single technique for its elaboration, but depending on the colour of the garment or the final result that is intended to be achieved, one method or another will be the most appropriate. Customizing shirts are not limited to putting a drawing on fabric. The printing techniques continue to improve, and each job requires analyzing its characteristics to choose the one that best suits the expected results. Factors such as the level of definition or the number of colours that need to be mainly used to determine which technique will be used.

Adherence will also be affected by the technique we use. Some of them provide a greater anchorage to the garment, while others may, over time, begin to come off to a greater or lesser extent. This process will be more pronounced if washing is very frequent or the technique used is not one that provides a higher level of fixation.