It’s the million-dollar elephant in the area. Why can no one obtain anything now? This is to refer to the extraordinary difficulty facing the ordinary bettor wanting to get a new steel Rolex without paying the means over the advised market price on the grey market.

In the watch community, this has become a usual lament. For the typical buyer, sourcing a steel Rolex at the advised list price can increasingly seem a mission difficult to achieve. Whereas 5 years back, the “Batman” blue and black bezel GMT-Master II was the hard-to-get design, and then the Daytona ended up being the next essential, the dry spell has currently infected all-steel versions, Professional variety or otherwise.

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The level of the Rolex deficiency was summarized a month or two earlier when the respected auction residence Phillips offered an option of models from the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection that only came out in August 2015. This informs you everything you need to learn about the outrageous demand for the new Rolex stock. Public auction houses, after all, specialize in trading amongst the most unusual as well as useful items that cannot be got with typical retail channels. In noting this Oyster Continuous family, Phillips is acknowledging that new, stainless-steel Rolex watches are in a similar way unattainable.

Scroll down on any type of message on Rolex’s Instagram web page as well as you’ll find a barrage of negativizes on the difficulty of acquiring a watch. The complaints inevitably focus on the same old things, limitless waiting listings, unethical dealerships, and the reality that numerous new models are promptly flipped onto the grey market where they’re sold for eye-popping prices.

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