It is always beneficial to set goals at the beginning of a new year. January feels like the perfect time to make improvements to our lives. Learning a new sport is a fantastic way of making a healthy change in your life.

The NHS recommends that adults undertake some form of physical activity every day due to the health benefits exercise provides.

Exercise can:

  • Help increase brain cells, which helps with hand-eye coordination and memory loss.
    • Help your heart become stronger and reduce cholesterol and fats in the bloodstream.
    • Increase bone density, protecting against osteoporosis.
    • Increase lung capacity, helping more oxygen enter the body.

    Another benefit of exercise is that it helps with weight control. Not only does it burn calories, but it also helps manage conditions such as diabetes.

Have trouble keeping your resolutions?

Learning a new sport is an ideal way of sticking to those resolutions. Sport brings people together, and by learning a new sport, you will find that opportunities to socialise will increase. Learning a team sport will introduce you to many new friends and help you improve your mental wellbeing.

Sport can help you emotionally as well as physically:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It helps improve sleep.
  • It increases confidence and social skills.
  • It helps increase your self-esteem.

    How can I keep improving?

    Learning a new sport is certainly challenging, but once you have the bug, you will find that exercising every day will become easier. To help increase your fitness, you can use online exercise videos or use a sports drill videos such, which will ensure you are improving your skills whilst also exercising.

    Which sport could I try?

    There are plenty of sports out there to choose from.
    • Tennis
    • Swimming
    • Rounders
    • Ice Hockey
    • Handball
    • Rugby
    • Hockey

    Whatever you choose, you will certainly have fun. How many times have you joined a gym in January only to have given up in February? Learning a new sport gives you the motivation to continue. You will see the progression as your skills improve, and this will be a massive motivator to continue.

    Why don’t you challenge yourself this year and learn a new sport? Not only will it improve your happiness, but you will also enjoy the health benefits.