Did you open a new office? Or did you relocate an existing office to a new area? Whatever the reason, you now have a new office to call your own. This office has recently gone through office reinstatement, so it’s a blank slate for you to decorate as you please. However, interior designing an office can be overwhelming, especially when starting with an empty room. Where do you even begin? Luckily, this guide is here to help. Here are four interior designing tips you can follow after an office reinstatement.

1. Contact an interior design firm.

If you think you don’t have the eye to interior design the office by yourself, you can reach out to a design firm. They can give you a commercial interior design plan in Singapore based on whatever ideas you give them or what aesthetic your company represents the best. You can still contribute to the final version of the office by telling them what you want, but you can leave the little details in their hands.

2. Opt for design and build services in Singapore.

If you have construction ideas for the office, the best option is to get an interior design firm that does design and build projects in Singapore. They’ll be able to do both construction and interior designing, so it can all be in one contract. It will be easier for you to keep track and better for the designers since they won’t need to worry about getting in the way of a construction company.

3. Think about your company’s aesthetic.

Your office design in Singapore should reflect your company. Not only does this put your workers in the mindset, but it gives visitors the right impression when they first step into your office. If your company deals with art, don’t be afraid to let colours take over your office. If your company is high-end, you can opt for sleek designs and colours, like black and white. Your office should be able to tell your company’s story.

4. Prioritise comfort.

Interior design plans for your office should focus on comfort. If your employees are comfortable, they’ll be more encouraged to go to work and be more productive. Add glass windows to let in the sunlight. Use adjustable desks and seats, especially if your employees are more comfortable standing than sitting. Install soundproofing to increase concentration. Add a break-out space for your employees to take a break away from work.

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