A successful virtual annual general meeting (AGM) can mean so much for communicating the intended goals for the management and shareholders. Not all in-house staff are knowledgeable or tech-savvy enough to understand the fundamentals for a successful AGM. Therefore, some seek corporate video production in Singapore that provides AGM services.

Hosting an AGM is one of the most critical annual conferences for organisations. Thus, giving enough attention to help propel AGM quality is one of the most vital parts of holding a virtual meeting. Without further ado, here’s how you can make your organisation’s next virtual AGM more successful:

1. Develop a script ahead of time

Script matters and crafting them ahead of time allows for creating a more appealing way to communicate the intended concern and why they were brought to meet in the first place. Whether it’s an online conference or a virtual AGM in Singapore, having a script prepared helps ensure the flow of the meeting or event.

2. Have a backup

Having a backup for contingency is one of the essentials for keeping errors at bay. Speakers can have other alternatives if there are technical problems available with the connection. Thus, pre-planning ahead of time for backup is something that should be prioritised.

3. Check portal capability

Every AGM webcast in Singapore relies on ensuring that the portal can support a number of attendees for the conference. Some portals can have a restriction and constraints in terms of limiting the number of participants allowed. Thus checking the portal capability should be on the list. 

4. Conduct rehearsals

Rehearsals are the secret to ensuring that conference and web meetings follow the flow while minimising the risk ahead. Consider running rehearsals with any available committee or internal executives that will participate in the AGM. You should have rehearsals done a number of times a few days/week before the actual date of the event.
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