Sourdough recipes are more digestible, healthier and considerably less costly than their commercial equivalents. You will adore baking with sourdough if you appreciate eating bread, tortillas, muffins, cakes, bagels, English muffins, pizza and more. It is flexible and healthy, takes few ingredients to make and is relatively fool-proof. I found that they are a healthier option than my usual bread options. Here are a few reasons to learn how to make sourdough at a fun baking class around Singapore.

#1 Sourdough is More Nutritious

Most flours contain simple sugars that are challenging for our bodies to metabolise. Soaking the flour for an extended period, known as souring or fermenting, digests the sugars and makes the bread friendlier on blood sugar levels. The sourdough bread from the bakery in Singapore I usually buy is a healthier option due to the long fermentation time enhancing minerals, notably B vitamins.

#2 Sourdough Digests Easier

I found it easier to digest the sourdough bread bought from bakeries around Singapore. Bacteria in them activate an enzyme called phytase. It breaks down phytic acid, an anti-nutrient in all grains and seeds. Phytic acid is challenging for our bodies to digest because it binds with minerals during digestion. It can deprive you of crucial nutrients. The lengthy fermentation time allows our bodies to digest the meal more easily while conserving the nutrients our body needs.

#3 Sourdough Neutralises Gluten

If you are used to buying gluten-free bread, you will find it easier to consume sourdough bread from bakeries around Singapore. Gluten is a protein in many flours and can be challenging for many to digest. The extended fermentation time breaks down the proteins into amino acids, making it more straightforward for our bodies to digest. However, if you have a gluten allergy, I still would not recommend it since souring does not eliminate gluten in the flour.

#4 Sourdough Shelf-Life is Lengthier

The extended fermenting time of sourdough creates lactic acid. It gives sourdough its distinctive taste and predigests the grain for you. Attending a sourdough class around Singapore will teach you that using acetic acid provides the benefit of preventing the formation of moulds. Hence, it delivers a longer shelf-life for bread or sourdough goods.

#5 Sourdough Uses Fewer Ingredients

It is no secret that making your bread may save you money. However, making sourdough bread puts it on a whole other level. You will learn from going to a sourdough workshop in Singapore that you will only need three ingredients: flour, water, and salt. Instead of buying yeast and eggs for each loaf, or other required components, you will have all you need with only a handful of inexpensive products.

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