I have been working with a criminal lawyer in Singapore and have encountered unforgettable cases. But if there is something I would advise to clients working with a lawyer, it would be never to lie to your attorney.

If you are facing legal cases, honesty is your best friend. I understand that some clients have secrets they want to keep to themselves. Who hasn’t? But your honesty and dishonesty can make a huge impact on your case.

Here are the reasons why you should not lie to your lawyer:

1. You are protected by client-attorney privilege.

Client-attorney privilege is simply confidentiality. Clients can guarantee that whatever information they disclose to their lawyers will only remain between them. Your criminal or probate lawyer in Singapore will not babble about them once you exit their office. It is the ethical practice among lawyers and law firms.

2. Your lawyer can negotiate your case better.

Lawyers work on facts and facts alone. As much as possible, lawyers want every bit of information and detail that could be relevant to the case because they can plan their legal action and strategy better.

For some reason, clients falsify information, like their whereabouts when the crime happened. It could impact the credibility of your affidavit or narrative that will be presented in court.

Sometimes, clients would omit some facts and information. Remember, lying by omission exists. When you leave out your lawyer’s crucial facts, it blindsides them in court once the opposing team reveals it in court. 

I suggest before you enter the criminal law firm in Singapore, be ready to spill your secrets.

3. Your lawyer can withdraw from your case.

I have seen some lawyers from clients’ cases because their clients refused to be truthful. Remember, lawyers have a reputation to protect. When you falsify your case, it will affect the strength of your case, and you are most likely to lose.

But more than losing the case, lawyers see dishonesty as the client’s failure to abide by the obligation. Remember, you have the client-attorney privilege, so there is no reason to lie.

4. You might face perjury.

Perjury is a legal case a person may face when they have been proven to have lied to a court or provided falsified evidence. The person may face seven years in jail or be liable to a fine.

If you don’t want another case on your plate, I can suggest being truthful not only to your lawyers but to the court as well. After all, lying will never help your case at all.

5. You will save money.

I’m being straightforward if you want to save money, be honest with your lawyer. For example, in a divorce case, your lawyer may look for your hidden assets. If you hide it from your lawyer, they will spend time gathering information and documents about the assets.

The only way you have a better fight for your case is to be truthful to your lawyer. Choose a lawyer you are comfortable working with, so you will have no trouble being honest with them.

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