The 8 ball pool is no different than any pool game you can find on GetMega. There are rules and fouls to each game, and this game is no exception. The rules of 8 ball pool are used to avoid unfair board conditions or to regulate plays that provide one player with an unfair advantage over the other players.

When fouls occur, the player who committed them is either given up his turn or two chances to play. Also, he can be given a time-out in which he cannot participate, and the game is shut down. With this article, you will be able to learn all the rules of 8 ball pool so that you can avoid committing fouls.

Here are the eight ball pool rules

According to GetMega, a fifteen-object table with a cue ball and fourteen object balls numbered 1 through 15 is known as the Nine-Ball table. The objective of this game is to pocket the group of 1 through 7 balls while preventing your opponent from doing so. 

In Call Shot, balls and pockets that are clear by nature do not need to be identified. The opponent must inquire as to which ball and pocket he should be unsure of the shot. 

The lag is a period of uncertainty during which the winner has the choice to break. Players will alternate breaking on each subsequent game during group competition.

When a match is not officiated, a player should know that it will be regarded as a cue ball foul if attempting to jump or curve the cue ball over.

The breaker must either pocket a ball or drive at least four numbered balls to the rail to execute a legal break. It is foul if he fails to make a good break, and the next player has the choice of accepting the table in position and shooting.

On the break shot, it’s a foul if a player leaps an object ball over the table. The incoming player has the option of taking up position on the table and shooting.

If the breaker scratches while pocketing the 8-ball on the break, the incoming player has two options: a re rack or having the 8-ball spotted and shooting with the ball in hand behind the head string. To learn more, read GetMega’s blogs.

When the choice of groups has not yet been made, the table is said to be “open.” When the table is open, it is permissible to strike a solid first to form a stripe or vice-versa.

The break-even is not influenced by the choice of stripes or solids. Even if all balls are made from one or both groups, the table is always open immediately after the break shot. 

The shooter must strike one of his group of balls first and pocket a numbered ball on every shot.

Before the shot, the shooting player must notify his opponent that he will be playing safe by pocketing an obvious object ball. 

When a player pockets a ball of his group, he can continue shooting until he fails to pocket a ball legally. 

No player is allowed to intentionally commit fouls, which would give his opponent an edge.

It is legal to use a combination shot; however, the 8-ball can only be used as a first ball in the combination when the table is open.

When (1) an object ball is pocketed on the same shot as a foul is committed, or (2) the called ball does not go into the designated pocket, or (3) a safety is declared before the shot, the object ball has been illegally pocketed. 

A foul and loss of turn are incurred by any object ball jumped off the table unless it is the 8-ball, which loses the game. 

If the 8-ball isn’t pocketed or jumped from the table while shooting at it, a scratch or foul is not considered a game loss.


The above are the rules of 8 ball pool that you can follow to improve your set-up play the game successfully. Following these rules will help you avoid committing fouls while playing, which can increase your chance of winning. With GetMega, you can join and play this game for massive rewards if you win.

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