There are numerous varieties of marquees, the most collective of which happens to be the aluminium marquee. This style of marquee happens to be the most popular because of its innovative design, which allows for the greatest level of flexibility for the usage of the area within it. Framed marquees allow you to structure your sporting event without being limited by internal vertical poles because they do not have a pole for support in the centre of the tent. So when deciding to buy, buy Branded Marquee positively.

Marquees with traditional poles

The majority of classic pole marquees are made of canvas that is held taut by support poles and man ropes. The guy ropes are then secured to the soft ground. This is similar to pegging a camping tent to the ground, but on a much greater scale. One of the main limitations of pole marquees is the need for the marquee to be fixed to the ground in order to preserve its stability.

Pole marquees’ use is limited because they cannot be placed on hard floors, sandy areas, or gravel areas in large yards. Pole marquees became obsolete when alternative forms of marquees entered the marquee hire market that allowed greater flexibility in where they could be placed.

Marquees with an Aluminium Frame

The modern frame marquee design happens to allow them to be placed on a beach, in parking lots, or even on the deck of a barge. You can purchase from marquees for sale online. Frame marquees may be easily located on hard or soft surfaces because they rely on a robust aluminium frame to hold the tent structure together. And you won’t have to worry about support poles getting in the way of your preferred event layout within the tent.

Because of their adaptability, frame marquees may be placed over garden ponds, swimming pools, trees and bushes, and flower beds. This makes the sporting event environment more visually engaging and interactive. Frame marquees are also far more stable than standard pole marquees and have a much longer shelf life, which is very advantageous for marquee hire.

Pole marquees are often constructed of canvas, whereas frame marquees are made of PVC or PE (polythene). These contemporary materials have the advantage of being stronger and much easier to maintain and clean.

Marquees with a High Peak

When planning an outdoor business or wedding event, frame marquees are not the only option. ‘High peak’ tents are very popular for business gatherings. High peak tents are designed similarly to frame marquees, with the exception of a ‘floating’ pole that is held in place off the ground by wires that run across the canvas above head height.

This floating style pole is what provides top peak marquees their distinctive appearance. Because of their exquisite shape, these marquees are significantly more visually attractive from the outside and inside.

High peak Sports Marquee perth have the appearance of pole marquees but the structural benefits of frame marquees. They are easier to install because they have fewer sections and may be connected together for larger athletic events.

Architecture Inspired by Marquees

A major corporate or athletic event with numerous high peak tents connected together creates a one-of-a-kind sight that has influenced many large buildings throughout the world. There are evident connections between high peak marquee architecture and buildings such as the Olympic Stadium and the International Airport.