Bathing in children is the essential part of their hygiene. It would be best if you made this moment something pleasant to promote healthy lifestyle habits. Here are some ways to do it.

Bathing in Children: Importance and Practical Advice

Bathing in children can be the ideal occasion to strengthen ties with them and stimulate their autonomy. Please take advantage of this time to make it the most pleasant and fun moment. To do this, you must know the perfect time for the bath and how long it should last.  Here you will find the best tips for bathing your child, and know if you’ll need shower plates from

The Importance Of Bathing In Children

To maintain the child’s good health, it is necessary to develop good personal hygiene habits from an early age. This dramatically helps prevent various diseases, hence the importance of bathing in children.

It is a vitally important hygiene measure to eradicate germs and bacteria. On the other hand, it is also a way of contributing to the autonomy of the child.

After six months of life, this moment becomes an opportunity for play and fun for the infant. Meanwhile, from the year on, they can begin to participate in their hygiene; At three, they begin to gain even more independence.

Tips For Bathing A Child

Many children, especially those under the age of three, do not like to be alone in the bathtub. For this reason, it is good to ask him if he wants the company of a doll to access the bathroom.

You can let him use the sponge; At this age, they already begin to be aware of their body and want to cleanse themselves. Another valuable suggestion is that when bathing, use neutral pH shampoo and in small quantities.

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