When we hear about pole dancing, the first thing that comes to our minds is a strip club. It is often depicted in movies that there are ladies pole dancing in strip clubs. Because of this, we have a misconception that it is a dance form to allure men. However, this kind of thinking is outdated. Now, pole dancing practice is perceived as a good workout. 

In Singapore, a couple of dance studios are opening pole dance classes as it became popular. People are attracted to the idea that the dance could help shape their bodies. After finishing a few classes,  their arms and abdomen become more toned. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you have the same body? You get to have an attractive physique, and at the same time, you are physically healthy. 

Common Misconceptions About Pole Dancing

However, even though pole dance practice is becoming a norm, there are still a lot of other misconceptions about it. Because of this, several people are adamant to try it out. You may be one of the people who are sceptical about the idea of learning pole dancing. You might be thinking, is it beneficial? Would it work? Or maybe you liked the idea, but you are not sure if it is suitable for you. 

To get those anxious thoughts cleared off, read through this article. We have outlined all the misconceptions about pole dance. Knowing these may help you gain a new perspective towards it.

  • It is Too “Erotic”

This is the first and foremost common misconception. As we said, people can’t still get over the idea that pole dancing is a dance form that women do to attract men. Take some time to visit a pole dance studio in Singapore. You will see that most of the dancers are doing awesome acrobatic moves. It doesn’t have a hint of erotic moves. Thus, it is a normal workout just like dance sport, running, and ballet. 

Joining a pole dance class can help you improve your upper body strength. It is also effective in weight loss. So, give it a chance if you want to achieve a fit, slim body!

  • You Should Have Strong & Fit Body

Now that you have known that it involves acrobatic moves, you may be wondering if you need to have a strong and fit body first before you join. No, you don’t need to be skinny. As you go through the classes, you will slowly learn some moves that will help you lose weight. You will also build your body strength. Remember that pole dancing involves a lot of power conditioning exercises. You need to have the strength to pull yourself up the pole. 

So, you do not have to worry about your body weight and athletic skills. If you are not an athletic person, then it is alright. Some pole dance studios in Singapore are offering dance classes for beginners. 

  • You Need to be Flexible

Watching others do a spin on a pole seems intimidating. Some poses even look too complicated. It is as if you have to be flexible before you join a pole dancing class. However, like other beginners, you would have to take it slow and start from scratch. Your pole dancing instructor will not ask you to do a challenging move right away. Besides, they have to consider your safety first. You will only get injured if they ask you to move to the advanced level without gaining proper training. 

Moreover, during the first few classes, pole dancing instructors in Singapore will ask students to do a light cardio warmup such as light hand weights. After that, groups and basic spins will be taught. The instructor will observe and see whether you are already comfortable with the basics. Once you do, they will teach you pole combos! See that the lessons are structured properly. 

  • It is Only for Women

It is easy to have this misconception as we only see girls do sensual pole dancing moves in movies. However, a couple of men are practising pole dancing too! You would be surprised that some of them join competitions too! 

Ever wondered why some men go such lengths to learn pole dancing? It is because they would be able to increase their body strength if they do so. The exercises allow them to build a strong core. 

  • You Have to Wear Skimpy Clothes

You do not need to wear anything revealing for you to learn how to pole dance. You can wear a simple tank top and a pair of shorts. What is important is that your clothes would not get in the way of your dancing. However, do bear in mind that you may need to always wear shorts for your body to easily stick to the pole. 

  • You Should Know How to Dance with Heels

It is not a requirement to wear heels. You can still learn how to dance without having to wear six-inch (or even a seven) heels. However, if you want to learn it, but you are not confident you can pull it off with heels, then don’t worry. Your pole dance instructor will guide you through the process. Expect your moves will be messy at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it. 

Learn Pole Dancing in Singapore!

If this article convinced you to try pole dancing, then you may want to look for exotic dance studios near you. They usually offer pole dancing classes too! Since you are already looking for one, check out Breathe Dance Company now!