The past 14 months has been a very difficult period for the entire world, as we have all been affected in one way or another by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. It has been one of the most worrying time for business owners as many businesses have had to close as they have been highlighted as high-risk areas for the transmission for the virus and so below, we look at some of the worst affected businesses during the pandemic. 

One of the worst affected businesses and industries has been that of the hospitality which has quite clearly been one of the most affected industries due to the potential high transmission in these businesses. This has ensured that pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants have had to have their doors closed for most of the pandemic and many have not been able to pay their overheads to survive through the pandemic and have had to shut up shop forever – the hospitality industry will be crying out for the opening of the world again.

Another industry that has been affected due to the global pandemic has been that of land-based casinos and betting shops, as like hospitality, they’ve also been highlighted as high transmission areas and must stay closed. These businesses have been highlighted as high transmission areas for the virus due to the public interaction within these locations such as playing cards, chips, betting slips etc. Although, on the other hand, this has enabled the online alternatives of these industries to be able to thrive, and these no verifications casinos have certainly been one of the beneficiaries of this. This is mainly because they are offering one of the fastest and easiest sign-up processes for all online players to take advantage of so that they can get down to their favourite casino games within minutes and turning a profit. Not only that, but they are currently enticing in new customers through their lucrative bonuses and promotional deals which can be used to enhance your gambling experience. 

And finally, the travel industry has also suffered since governments have put travel restrictions in place to ensure that transmissions between countries can be limited as must as possible. This means hotels have been empty, flights have been grounded, and holiday reps have been out of a job due to this and even with the holiday season up and coming, we still aren’t certain if restrictions will be lifted to ensure that we are able to travel again so the uncertainty is still there. 

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