If you’ve never tried a potato pancake, I have to tell you— you are sorely missing out. They combine the filling goodness of potato with the warm softness of a pancake. Unlike traditional pancakes, they tend to have a crispy outside, sandwiching that delicate pancake goodness in a savory crunch that pairs well with so many things. You can serve them up sweet with apple sauce or honey, or you can make them into a meal with pesto sauce and parmesan cheese. And those are only just a few ways to serve them. The possibilities with potato pancakes are virtually endless. The only bad news here is: making these pancakes from scratch is kind of a pain.

The traditional way of making potato pancakes goes as follows. First, you have to peel several large potatoes. Then you grate them into very fine pieces, which can easily take around 15 minutes, even if you’re handy with a grater. After that, you need to press them into a colander and try to extract as much of the water as you can. Only then can you go on to mix them in with your typical pancake ingredients like flour and eggs and finally get things sizzling on the griddle. For those who have the time to spare and enjoy working in the kitchen, this may not sound too bad. And trust me, potato pancakes are worth it. However, not all of us jump for joy at the prospect of shredding uncooked potatoes.

Fortunately, there’s a way to get the amazing taste and texture of potato pancakes without the hassle. A potato mix can provide a similar culinary treat with a fraction of the work. Of course, before you grab just any mix, it pays off to read a few reviews. Just like traditional pancake mixes, not all potato pancake mix es are created equal. A good mix will have simple ingredients (the kind you’d see in a from-scratch recipe) and don’t contain extras items like preservatives or artificial coloring.

Once you’ve found your mix, be sure to follow the directions carefully to make your first batch. Luckily, this won’t be too hard. Usually, it’s just a matter of measuring out the right amount of the dry mix and adding some water and potentially a few other simple wet ingredients like eggs or vegetable oil. The instructions to really pay attention to are the notes on how to prep your griddle or pan, when to flip your pancakes, and how to know when they are done, but not overdone. Once you’ve done a few, you’ll probably have it down to a science.

And ta-da! You’ll have beautiful, crispy, mouthwatering potato pancakes that will impress your friends and family. You’ll get all of the credit and no one needs to know just how easy it was.

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