Using digital signing solutionsavoids printing, scanning, and mailing paper. An electronic signature simplifies daily life and provides a contemporary means of confirming the signatory’s identity. Typically, PDF documents, including contracts and orders, employ electronic signatures. It is also possible to electronically sign other documents, such as emails or data files.

E-signatures are convenient, as is generally acknowledged. But if you’re trying to select a digital signature solution, you’ll need a better understanding of its advantages. It is easier to choose the best e-signature solution for you if you are aware of the problems they can address.

Here are some of the most significant advantages of using an electronic signature in Singapore.

1. An electronic signature is reliable.

Digital signatures created using the tools of Sign with SingPass are reliable. They ensure the authenticity and origin of the signed information. A sophisticated electronic signature in Singapore assures that the document has not changed since signing. In addition, the signatory cannot deny signing the document or assert the changes afterwards.

2. Increased safety.

With security controls like automatic independent verification, you can be confident that your documents will reach the appropriate recipients. This autonomous verification step, known as Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), is required for certain IRS forms, such as the 8878 and 8879, and safeguards your clients’ digital certificate.

3. Offer multiple application options.

The electronic signature of a PDF document, such as a contract or a decision, is a frequently cited use case. Nonetheless, digital signing solutions exist in many contexts, including email messages, various data files (such as installation packages or application updates), the protection of online traffic, and blockchains.

4. Workflow monitoring.

When multiple parties must sign a document, it can be challenging to determine its current status. With electronic signature protocols in Singapore, you can keep track of and manage the process. You can also determine who has viewed, signed, or approved a document and who is holding you up. You will have a complete audit trail of who viewed the document and when, minus the paper!

5. Significantly improved experience for customers.

Clients can sign quickly from any location and any device! In a time when clients demand real-time document access, integrating your digital signing solution with your client portal software is essential.

6. Independent of location and time.

The prevalence of remote work is growing, especially in light of the recent pandemic. With digital signing solutions, you can sign documents without meeting in person, although a video call will make this possible.

A digital signature may be generated anywhere and at any time. Documents are signed remotely, rather than requiring signatories to be present in the office, as remote work continues to grow in popularity. And location independence is ideal when multiple people must sign the same document. The signatories are not required to meet in the specified location and can sign it anywhere.

7. Get paid faster.

Request signature and payment information on the same document to collect all the information you need to get clients up and running, including payment.

8. Centralise document storage.

There are numerous formats and protocols for digital signing solutions, some of which provide extensive authentication and security features. The best electronic signature software ensures that your documents are signed securely. And when eSignature is combined with a system, having a central document repository is advantageous. The days of searching file cabinets, desk piles, and multiple computer systems to locate a document are over.

9. Fast and inexpensive.

Digital signing solutions are significantly quicker than handwritten ones, requiring only a few seconds to sign documents. Delivering documents digitally via email or file-sharing services is also faster. In addition, signing a document online is nearly as quick as signing it on paper, but handling it electronic-wise saves time. And the administration is expedited when documents no longer need to be scanned or printed and mailed on paper.

The documents are in a location where the appropriate individuals can access them if needed. Sending online documents to their recipient requires only a moment. Remember to consider data security when you send the signed material to the recipient via email. Whenever possible, use encrypted email.

10. No scanning — the text remains machine-readable.

As there is no need to scan the document with an electronic signature in Singapore, the document’s text remains machine-readable. And when a document’s content is machine-readable, it can be read by screen-reading software, making it accessible. It is useful when archiving and processing documents, as searches fit the document content.


11. Less paper is an environmentally friendly choice.

A document signed online is also processed digitally. The material does not need printing, so its physical storage is unnecessary. And using various electronic workspace solutions, the document can be stored securely for an extended period. Reducing paper usage is also an environmentally responsible choice.

12. Document-free workflow.

Whether for use at home or in the workplace, printing paper and ink cartridges are expensive. With digital signing solutions, neither of these expenses is necessary. On computers and mobile devices, the entire signing procedure can be executed digitally. And when your eSignature solution is integrated with other tools you already use, there is no need for printing, scanning, or in-person meetings. The signed document is generated and returned to the same location in your work tool, and you are notified when all signatories have completed their signatures.

13. Utilisable across industries and nations.

Good electronic signature apps in Singapore are compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms. You can quickly sign documents wherever you are, saving time and alleviating stress for all parties. Users are accustomed to e-Signature and prefer signing documents from a mobile device, no matter who they are or where they are.

14. Boost collaboration.

Collect approvals and signatures from multiple parties in any order you see fit to promote collaboration and keep projects moving forward.

15. Save money.

These advantages contribute to substantial cost savings for your business, from reducing paper and printing expenses to reducing the time required to sign and collect payments from new clients.

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