The two long years of lockdown and quarantine due to the coronavirus has taught people countless things. It showed them the value of relationships between others and themselves. It also urged them to make the most of their days by staying productive while allowing themselves to take breaks and enjoy simple things. Moreover, it taught them the significance of having a healthy body that can protect them from illnesses and injuries. Staying indoors to keep themselves safe from a life-threatening virus taught them the value of maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, whether from aerobics, a fitness bar, or staying mobile through different household duties.


Since the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore, residents have had restricted activities. Moreover, many individuals remained stationary for long hours since their jobs required them to work at a desk behind a computer. They no longer move their bodies as often as before when they still had to walk to their schools and offices. This inactivity has led to unstable moods and weakened bodies prone to getting sick and injured—even after lifting the lightest PowerBlock dumbbell.


But this inactivity must stop soon. People should move their bodies to minimise their risk of catching a disease, improve their strength and flexibility, and enhance their mental and emotional wellness. Weight loss is not the sole purpose of the exercise—humans need to keep their bodies mobile in whatever way possible to keep them from getting sick and help them perform their daily duties efficiently. To remain active, you do not need to use complex fitness equipment like the infamous weighted vest in Singapore gym supplies stores. You will only need your mind and body to keep yourself moving and keep health concerns at bay.

If you like using exercise equipment to work out, you can hit the gyms in your town, especially now that the health authorities have been easing their COVID-19 restrictions. But if you are not keen on exercising in public or crowded places, you should not fret since you can purchase a fitness bar, elliptical machine, or spin bike in Singapore.


   I.        Tips For Buying Home Gym Equipment

If you plan to shop for home gym equipment, you may feel confused and overwhelmed due to the number of options you have for stores, machines, and accessories. If you do not know what to look for in a workout bench or a pull up bar for your home, you may feel stressed—which can make you feel like giving up on your dream home gym.

To help you buy a treadmill, punching bag, or PowerBlock dumbbellfor your home gym, here are a few tips to follow:

A. Identify Your Goals

The best home gym equipment depends on what you want your body to achieve. Opt for kettlebells or a fitness bar if you wish to gain strength. On the other hand, rowers and stationary bikes would be ideal if you are into cardio exercises.

B. Decide On A Setup

After setting a fitness goal, you should settle on a setup and decide which equipment your home gym will have. Do you need a weighted vest and other accessories, or are you better off having machines to help you achieve your objective?

C. Measure Your Space

You know how bulky exercise equipment can be if you have been to a gym. Before shopping for a rower or pull up bar for your home, take your trusty measuring tape and remember the size of your space. Doing so will ensure that your workout equipment will fit your dwelling.

D. Set A Budget

Never place an order from a physical or online exercise equipment store without setting a budget. You will not want to overspend on a fitness bar and leave yourself with insufficient money for other machines and accessories.

E. Consider The Number Of Equipment Users

If you have other household members who will use your gym, consider investing in multi-station equipment to keep everyone from fighting over one pull up bar for your home. But before buying these multi-functional machines, know they can be more expensive than other sports equipment.

F. Find A Reliable Gym Equipment Shop

Whether you plan to buy a treadmill or resistance band in Singapore, remember that an equipment or accessory’s quality depends on its manufacturer and the store offering it. You should only purchase exercise products from licensed shops with impressive reputations to guarantee that you will receive durable and functional equipment.


 II.        Where To Find The Best Home Gym Equipment

Finding the spin bike or fitness bar can be challenging—but only if you do not know where to look. After learning how to pick the exercise machines and accessories you need, consider the following tips to help you understand where to find them:

A. Go Online

Almost every exercise equipment store has a website or social media page nowadays. If you type ‘pull up bar for home’ in search engines like Google or Bing, you will find a shop selling one near you.

B. Visit A Nearby Gym

If your town has gyms near your residence, you can visit these facilities and check their chosen brands of exercise equipment. You can also ask its manager or owner for dumbbell or resistance band suggestions.

C. Seek Recommendations

If your friends recently built a home gym, you can ask them for equipment recommendations and reviews. You can even talk to your former personal trainer to ask them for exercise bike or weighted vest suggestions since they are the experts on such gym machines and accessories.

III.        Build Your Home Gym Today!

Buying a fitness bar, resistance band, or other fitness equipment and accessories is not as challenging as you think. You do not need specialised training to distinguish a high-quality dumbbell from a poorly-made one. You may feel overwhelmed with the many choices available, but remembering the tips above will help you understand where and how to find the machines you need to stay fit and healthy.

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