If you spend a lot of time on your phone, you have probably realized by now that scrolling aimlessly for hours can get pretty boring. The monotony of the internet begins to seriously bother you once you realize that you pour hours of your day doing nothing productive or entertaining, but fortunately there’s a way to change that.

While social media may get boring, there are a few apps that you can download on your phone to make sure you always have something interesting to do. This doesn’t necessarily mean gaming or streaming apps, but basically anything that will give you something new and exciting to work on when you get bored of everything else. If you’re looking to save some money on an internet connection, you may want to look into the best TV and internet deals online.


Knowing multiple languages is not only a great skill to have, it can also be a fun experience. Duolingo allows you to do that through well-designed courses that take you from basic vocabulary all the way to advanced grammar, and the best part is that it’s completely free!

Learning a new language is something that takes a lot of commitment, and people tend to give up after a while if they have no motivation to keep going. With Duolingo, you have all the courses you could need already planned out, and you get constant reminders that can help you remain consistent. A lot of exercises have a game-like make, so you don’t feel like you’re studying – it’s the perfect learning app!


YouTube is one of the most popular apps on the internet today, and for good reason; it allows you to stream endless hours of free content from your favorite creators, unlike pretty much any other online platform. There is a lot of really good quality content, and a lot of it comes from small creators that you may want to consider supporting.

YouTube even has a paid service for those not completely satisfied with its range of free content, where you can further support your favorite creators on more professional, wide-scale projects.


A lot of people love stories, but not everyone likes to read. Audible is an app for people who have been wanting to start a book, but either don’t have the attention span or are too busy to pick up a book. You can listen to your favorite books, often read by creators or artists that you may prefer listening to.

This creates an appeal that is bound to make you want to finish any book you start. Audible has a free trial that can help you decide whether or not the app is for you, and if you like it, you can begin downloading and listening to your favorite books.


Netflix is one of the best entertainment apps you could have on your phone, mostly due to its versatility. While it does require a paid subscription, it offers a wide range of TV shows and movies to its audience according to the region they are in. Netflix constantly updates its content, which allows viewers to discover new shows and movies and expand their taste, something that can be otherwise difficult to do. The collection of on-demand shows that Netflix offers is definitely worth the small monthly subscription fee you have to pay in order to continue using it.


If you’re into photo editing or manipulation, PicsArt is a great app to get you started. It’s free and can be used offline no matter where you are. You can edit your photos and create aesthetic backgrounds, and it keeps expanding features, so you can even draw on pictures and add to them whatever you wish. PicsArt also offers a wide range of stickers and gifs to make your pictures and videos stand out; there’s no reason not to get it!


It is important for how you function in both your personal and professional life that you keep yourself entertained. This allows you to destress and let your mind relax every once in a while. Your phone is something you always have with you, so to have these sources of entertainment with you wherever you go is quite easy. This way, you might learn something new while still doing what you do for most of your day, without actively having to make any drastic changes in your lifestyle.