The eyes are among the initial features people see when they meet someone, and we all know how eyes can make you look good, especially if your eyelashes are fitting. Getting a long, rich lash and including makeup can make your eyes stick out, and that would not desire that? To make the most out of your eyes, as well as your impression, you can add eyelash extensions.

Even if you’re not using any other eye makeup, your eyes will still have that unique look that nobody can ignore. Getting the best eyelash extensions in Singapore will certainly offer you the influence you want despite where you are or what you are doing.

What’s an eyelash extension?

Eyelash expansions are semi-permanent, artificial, synthetic mink or silk fibres applied strand by strand with specifically created non-irritating glue applied to your own. Eyelash expansions are tailored accordingly to fit perfectly to your eyes which has an advantage over false eyelashes.

The conventional false eyelashes, which you get rid of after each use, are pre-designed depth and layers applied to your skin. Extensions, on the other hand, connect to the lashes themselves, so they expand naturally. It can be customised to produce specific deepness and elongation to your eye form for the desired look that you wanted for your eyes.


What Makes an Eyelash Extension an Excellent Choice?

Lash lifts in Singapore today are becoming more affordable and accessible for almost anyone who desires to have the best lash for their look. If you haven’t thought about having one; here are a few of the benefits and perks of having a lash extension:

They simply make you look great – When done appropriately, eyelash expansions will undoubtedly make your lashes look long, full and fluttery at all times. It can make your eyes look brighter as well. Simply, eyelashes can enhance your eyes and having one tailored to fit yours can make you look better.

They’re easily adjustable and customisable – Your very own eyelash extension can be personalised to find the perfect fit that you always wanted for your eyes. Most lash lifts in Singapore provide fully customisable lash lift services for clients. All you can do is simply go to your eyelash extension technician, see what you want for your lashes and how they will look, what colour, how strong, curled and long they are to bring your ideal eyelash preference.

They can last longer – As time takes place, the shed cycle will certainly trigger the extensions to fall out in addition to your natural lashes. It usually starts a couple of weeks and will often continue from 4 to 10 weeks after. However, it shouldn’t be a problem nowadays. Some of the best eyelash extensions in Singapore provide ‘fills’ to maintain your lash extension’s look as long as you desire!

The procedure ispainless– If applied effectively, you should never experience any type of pain with the application or wear of eyelash extensions. When you have a professional doing it for you, your eyes are closed the whole time to ensure the accuracy and safety of the procedure. It avoids anything going direct contact with your eye that can be irritating. When using lash expansions on your own, fumes from the adhesive can sometimes irritate your eyes before you can attach the fibres to the lash. So if you’re not experienced, it’s often best to leave it to the experts for safety and accuracy.

They can hold up against water – After having the last extensions applied, you will have to maintain the eyes and lashes completely dry for a couple of days. When that time has passed, you should not be worried about your eyelash extension getting wet.


What’s The Right Option For You?

If you have figured out that eyelash extensions are the right option for you, you have two distinctive options. You can use them on your own to save a great deal of money, or you can invest in going to a lash parlour service and get the best eyelash extension in Singapore and leave the procedure up to them.

Professional/Specialist Route

If you have the budget, and this is your very first time, you might be better off having a specialist use them for you. It can be a little costly since you have to pay for the service. However, this is often the best and safest route you can take.

It’s likewise a great way for you to watch what they’re doing, so you will have an easier time if and when you decide to do it for yourself. Many stylists can even reveal just how to do it, and they can answer any questions you’re concerned about using and applying for eyelash extensions.

DIY Route

If you select to begin with the DIY option, you should have the right kit for application. Not just will you get detailed instructions with a set, you will also get every little thing required to use the lashes. However, it can be a little risky at times, especially if you’re not experienced or unaware of the accuracy placement. It’s often best to do a DIY if you’re exactly confident or have any experience with using one at all to avoid problems.

The very first time you apply your lashes, you should not have any other things to do with them. If you plan to do your lashes an hour before a date or attend an occasion hours after is not a great idea to do as you may likely run into problems.

It’s often best to do your lash work on your days off, such as weekends, without any form of pressure. Most services that provide lash lifts in Singapore will advise you to ‘rest’ your lashes. Hence, always do it when you have plenty of time, especially if this is your first experience.  And also do not forget, see to it you carefully follow the instructions so always take your time.

Getting an Eyelash Extension

When getting your extensions, it’s often advised to pick eyelashes made of genuine human hair or those composed of artificial products. The real hair alternative, which is considered some of the best eyelash extensions in Singapore for many, is one of the most costly as they look more natural; however, they cost a lot more.

You will find the synthetic lashes in many quality levels, and also remember, you do get what you paid for. The higher the top quality, the higher the cost. So if you’re planning to get a better lash lift in Singapore, it’s often best to get the idea of what you want and consider a healthy investment should you desire a high-tier extension. It’s typically not an excellent idea to obtain the cheapest one you can find.

For anybody that intends to get the attractive look of long, lush eyelashes and still take what nature has offered you, eyelash extensions are an excellent way to go. Whether you do it yourself or go to a beauty salon and get it done, you can make your eyes ‘pop’ and stand out!

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