Our homes are supposed to be the safest place for our families. Yet, our own havens have long been targets of burglary and hoodlums who damage private properties even with the presence of the most advanced CCTV cameras in Singapore.

These security threats should not be underestimated, especially if there are children and elderly among the occupants. On top of that, most of these crooks attack in the wee hours of vulnerability. They intrude on homes in the middle of the day and the dead of night.

Apart from setting up security measures around our homes, like burglar alarms and CCTV installation in Singapore, awareness of the surroundings deters the evil plans of crooks in the neighbourhood.

This article will discuss some of the burglar-profiling telltale signs homeowners should keep an eye on.


Signs That Your House Is Being Targeted By Burglars

Unusual Marks Around The House

One of the easiest signs to check if your home is being targeted by burglars is by looking for the unusual marks, drawings, and symbols on the walls, floors, and gates of your house.

Homeowners know every inch of their homes, so these unusual marks are easy to spot. Chalk, charcoal, paint, or crayons are used to draw these symbols. The drawings can be a straight line, a circle, an X, or any shape. But what do these marks signify, and what are their connections to potential burglary?

Burglars mark their target houses using symbols that have meanings. For example, a particular sign may mean “wealthy”, “risky”, “secured”, or “potential target”, which describes the house.

Usually, these signs are not written directly on the house. Burglars draw them on sidewalks, lamp posts, or garbage cans. Installing a CCTV camera from Singaporeoutside the property or facing the yard is a great way to spot and identify the people who are making the marks.


Hoodlums never run out of creative ways to know information about the occupants of the house. Sometimes, their tricks are so harmless that homeowners never see it as an obvious sign of a potential burglar target. One of these tricks is the flyers.

Flyers are usually marketing paraphernalia used by small businesses to introduce their services and products. Apart from handing them on the streets, staff sometimes stick between the gate grille or doors.

Burglars, however, use flyers as markers on their target homes, similar to symbols and drawings. They also use flyers to know the schedule of the home occupants.

For example, they can determine the arrival time of the homeowner when their flyers disappeared from the gate. If the burglars stick the flyers at nine in the morning and only be taken by the homeowner at six in the evening, it tells burglars that the house is empty between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Apart from installing a CCTV camera from Singapore at your doorway or gateway, always remember to remove flyers from your property immediately. You can also ask your neighbour to remove it for you if you are leaving town.

Unknown Vehicles Surveying TheNeighbourhood


People who have been staying in their neighbourhood for many years may already be familiar with the same cars passing by their front, which is a good thing. If you are new in the town, it might be better to start familiarising yourself.

Criminals drive their cars to discreetly spy on their target house. The first thing you need to keep an eye on is unknown vehicles parked or within the vicinity of your properties.

The second thing to watch out for are cars passing by your properties multiple times for consecutive days. These are probably burglars making their daily rounds in the neighbourhood.

Installing CCTV outside your home in Singapore will help document the car rounds, complete with date and time stamps. On top of that, a high-definition CCTV camera in Singapore can capture the plate number and the driver’s face.

You can hand the information to the authorities for further investigation.

Strangers Taking Pictures Of Your Home

Another good thing about getting to know your neighbours is you become familiar faces. Knowing your neighbours make it easier for you to spot strangers and town outsiders who are actually targeting homes.

What burglars do is casually strolling near the vicinity of your property. However, unlike normal people, these neighbourhood strangers observe your home closely, including checking the windows, doors, and other passageways; and the garage and driveway.

There are cases where these strangers casually stop in front of your house to take pictures of your home using a camera or smartphone.

If you ever caught this unusual behaviour of an unknown passer-by, alert the authorities and warn the neighbourhood immediately. Much better to give the stranger’s appearance description to the police.

HDCCTV installation in your Singapore home may be able to capture a clear image of the wandering stranger.

Solicitors and Fake Emergencies Knocking On Your Door

Solicitors and help requests are probably the most dangerous modus of burglars to survey and potentially break into the house. In this method, the burglars step inside the property and get a close look at the house, at the same time interact with the homeowner.

In the first method, burglars knock on doors and pretend to be from organisations asking for donations or solicitations. They may also introduce themselves as salespeople and service crew offering products and services such as lawn cleaning.

In the second method, burglars knock on their target house and pretend to be in an emergency. They may ask for a glass of water or use the toilet.

Burglars use this situation to take a closer look at your house, specifically checking for possible entryways, dogs, security systems, and CCTV installation in Singapore. They may also use this opportunity to break into the house by assaulting the person who answers the door.

You can deter and discourage burglar attacks if the hoodlums know you have a reliable security system and CCTV cameras around your house in Singapore.

Don’t be a victim of these hoodlums. Protect your home by installing security systems like CCTV in Singapore and by being vigilant of your surroundings. Create a safer community by sharing these tips with your neighbourhood.

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