Fall is a beautiful season. It is the time for families to have barbecues, go on picnics, go on road trips with friends, and do other fun activities. However, it is important to understand how different weathers can affect roads to be safe. As a vehicle owner, you should be aware of the potential risks, and seasonal injuries fall brings and practice some prevention tips. 

Low visibility, slippery fallen leaves, and earlier sunsets are just some of the factors that increase the risk of an accident during a fall. To enjoy this beautiful time without turning it into a tragic one, follow a few fall driving tips. Speak to an injury attorney if you get involved in a car accident. 

Tips for driving carefully in the fall 

  1. Beware of back-to-school traffic. 

Fall is the time when school children are usually starting their classes back again after their vacation. You might experience back-to-school traffic on the road and even new student drivers who are not yet experienced enough. Whenever you get a new school zone, slow down your vehicle and watch the road for kids running around. 

  1. Stay vigilant of autumn leaves. 

During the fall, you may find it aesthetically pleasing and peaceful to watch the yellow and golden leaves fall from trees and onto the ground. This does not look any less than a painting. However, while autumn is a beautiful season, the leaves can be dangerous for your car. 

Slippery fallen leaves are one of the major causes of car accidents during this weather. When driving, stay vigilant of fallen leaves on the road, especially when turning corners. Leaves are not only a hazard when wet but also dry. They can easily catch fire from the heat in your ignition. 

  1. Be careful while driving in the fog. 

Nobody likes driving in the fog. After all, it interferes with your visibility and increases your risk of colliding with another vehicle, a pedestrian, or an animal. Always keep your car headlights on when driving in foggy weather. It is also recommended to drive slowly and keep enough between vehicles to avoid collisions. 

  1. Do not drive if you are inexperienced. 

Fall is not the time to try driving for the first time. If you are trying to learn, choose a clear weather day to do so. Until then, ask someone else to drive you, or use public transportation or private cabs for traveling short distances. Driving while inexperienced in bad weather can result in tragic accidents. 

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