It was at the start of 2020 when I first entered stock trading. Completely aware of stock trading; it was a new thing for me. My friends, obsessed with private wealth management software, introduced me to stock trading. The first company I invested in was an online casino. It only required me to put down SGD 1,000. 

But after two years, my investments grew into seven companies. I didn’t have all the time to monitor my investments. Fortunately, I discovered investment management software. 

5 Benefits of Investment Management Software

So, here’s how I benefited from the investment and wealth management systems:


Juggling my full-time job and studies, it was a challenge for me to track my investments. Perhaps, the longest time I haven’t checked my investments was two weeks. And in those days, many opportunities had passed.

Getting wealth management reporting software helped me to monitor my investments more efficiently. To begin with, the tracker consolidated all my investments in seven companies in one dashboard. In addition, it allowed me to view the other client’s portfolios whenever I wanted to trade my stocks.


As mentioned above, the software allowed me to view other people’s investment portfolios. But apart from that, I can also create my portfolio and analyse and produce a report.

It allowed me to analyse and compare how strong my portfolio is to other clients. Additionally, it has a feature that provides a portfolio performance forecast.


Maybe you are wondering how private wealth management software provides a forecast or produces a detailed report. The secret? Artificial intelligence.

Thanks to AI, the software can now analyse a bulk of data and analyse it for you. It can detect fast-paced changes in the stock market and predict trends with accuracy and precision. Excellent data analytics helped me improve my decision-making concerning stock trading and other investment matters.


Investment is full of risks. It is where wealth management systems become crucially handy. It can analyse all the risks related to investments, portfolios, and personal capital.

It can identify the risks depending on the past and current status of the stock market. It also considers the forecasts and trends in the future. Therefore, the software helps me have better, educated, and well-thought investment decisions.


Generally, investments are not excepted from cyberattacks. As much as possible, you don’t want an unauthorised person to intrude on your data transfer. There are also situations where some clients use hacks to forge their portfolios to make them appear stronger and more competitive.

Cyber security is more significant if you are ever invested in cryptocurrency, which is also prone to attacks. Not surprising, considering that cryptocurrency is a growing market.

Choosing the right investment management software with stringent cyber security will benefit you in the long term if you plan on expanding your investments in the next few years.

These are the advantages I got from investment software. Give it a try, and maybe it is the one you are looking for.Canopy provides the best wealth management systems in the market today. Visit Canopy today.