Normally we see that most of the time stores offer products related to women and we have to search for a store that has plenty of items for men. While living in Qatar you can enjoy purchasing the men’s accessories from this prestigious store. The Milano store offers a variety of products which can fulfill the needs of men products. These articles are offered from different brands and their fashion aesthetics are amazing. Purchase these products from the store and enjoy being the most sophisticated and fashionable. While shopping from the store don’t forget to use the Milano promo code to enjoy at discounted prices and offers.



Travel with style and get this beautiful passport holder from the Milano store. This passport holder comes with a very beautiful Santa strip which makes it look more classy and fashionable. The material used to manufacture this product is faux leather. Keep your passport in this passport holder and enjoy travelling the world in a great style. Browse the online store and enjoy purchasing accessories to enhance the attraction of your personality. While shopping don’t forget to apply the Milano promo code because it will make you save more money.



Get this beautiful scarf from the store which has a rectangular printing which makes it more beautiful. Combine this beautiful product with your casual dressing and looked amazing in the gathering of your friends. This product comes with very comfortable material and also its medium weight design gives it a very nice fall around your neck. Perform your online shopping at the Milanos for and enjoy getting different products at very normal prices by applying the Milano promo code at the time of checking out.

AROD SKU: H-65 0003 8B


This amazing cap will give a perfect look to your overall presence and you will enjoy wearing it for the whole day with an amazing comfort. The printing over this cap offers a very beautiful logo of the Milano store and the color combination gives it a very premium presence. The adjustable step of this cap makes it more convenient for use and offers you to adjust the width of this cap according to your comfort. Enjoy getting comfortable and durable products from the store and don’t forget to use the Milano promo code to enjoy offers and discounts from the store.

MONALI SKU: H-6K 0002 09


Some little things always have a great potential to make a bold statement. You can make your beautiful car more noticeable if you use this keychain for your car keys. This beautiful key holder is offered in two different colors and both of them will look great. The durable and soft leather of this product gives a very premium feeling while you are keeping it in your hand and also it looks amazing to hold your keys with this beautiful key holder. You can also use this product according to your imagination and enjoy getting stylish and attractive with the Milano store. Purchase your products and don’t forget to apply the Milano promo code to enjoy discounted deals and offers.

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