Why humans are the only mammal species that have gallbladder will forever be a mystery. Though humans can also live without them, it is not a risk that you would want to take. When you have no gallbladder, the bile that helps your body to break down foods and digest fat will have no storage facility. The result? You can no longer enjoy large amounts of your favourite foods because they will become harder to digest.

Several people undergo gallbladder removal surgery in Singapore. Whether it is because of an unhealthy diet or existing diseases, doing the right measures will help prevent any problems that will cause harm to their healthy body. You might be one of them, or you are about to when you get that surgery. If so, there is tons of information that you must know about your condition. 

In this article, you will learn about your gallbladder condition, specifically cholecystitis, or more known as gallstones. From your diagnosis up to your changes in diet after the surgery, this article will serve as your guide and partner in keeping your whole body healthier in the long run!

What to Do When You Have Gallstones?

Pain is the common symptom of any sickness but when it comes to gallstones, many patients do not experience any symptoms at all. If the pain you are experiencing may be gallstones, it means that they are large enough to block the duct that leads out of your gallbladder. It further leads to your need to get gallbladder removal surgery in Singapore. If not, you can follow the process below:

Get diagnosis

The first step to every sickness is diagnosis. It is the process that doctors and therapists do to advise you on treatment options and make you aware of future health risks. When you have gallstones, a diagnosis from a reliable doctor will determine the effectiveness of treatments that are open to you. 

Before you get any gallstones surgery from Singapore clinics, there will be tests and procedures that identify the complication of your condition. The tests include:


  • Abdominal ultrasound

One of the most commonly used to look for signs of gallstones. What happens here is that a moving device called a transducer would be used to see if you have gallstones in your gallbladder. It is an advanced device since it uses signals to create images that show your abdomen.


  • Endoscopic ultrasound

A procedure that helps identify the smaller stones that may be missed from an abdominal ultrasound. It can only be done by an endoscopist who has undergone training since it involves inserting a thin flexible tube through your mouth and through your digestive tract to get a precise image of your gallbladder.


  • Other tests

When deemed necessary, your doctor may include other tests to ensure the accuracy of the primary tests. It may include a HIDA scan, CT scan, MRCP, ERCP, or blood tests. The blood test may reveal infections that may have been caused by your gallstones.

See your treatment options

Most of the time, people with gallstones that do not experience symptoms will not need treatment. Depending on your doctor, your treatment options are dependent on the results of your diagnostic testing.

Certain oral medications may help dissolve your gallstones. However, it is not a replacement that will cause your doctor to abandon your need to have a gallbladder removal surgery in Singapore. You must know that it may take months or years of oral medication to dissolve your gallstones, and the chances of it forming again is high.

Undergo surgery

When your diagnostic results have revealed that your condition is serious and in need of surgery, you must prepare for it. You can start by looking for a well-renowned surgeon with exceptional background and experience when it comes to gallstones surgery in Singapore. Once you have done that, here is what you can expect on the day of your surgery.


The day before your surgery, your doctor will give you a set of instructions. It includes stopping whatever medication you have been taking for your gallstones, not eating or drinking anything the night before your surgery, and being on time for your scheduled removal surgery.

Ensure that you follow all their instructions to avoid complications during the big day.


On the day of your gallstones surgery in Singapore, you should have someone accompany you. Although it is a common procedure, pain varies from person to person. Your surgeon will give you an incision under the right rib cage where a laparoscope would be inserted to see a magnified view of your internal organs. Surgical instruments will also be inserted while the surgeon operates through these incisions and removes your gallbladder.

The operation will last from an average of an hour. It will still be dependent on the severity of your condition, so you must talk about it in-depth with your surgeon beforehand.


Immediately after your operation, you will be transferred to a room where you will rest for about two to four hours. An IV line would be necessary to give you fluids and pain medication, but it may discontinue when you can drink fluids again.

You may need to stay in the clinic for usually eight hours or overnight. However, more than half of patients who have undergone gallstones surgery in Singapore are discharged later in the same day. With specially trained staff, you would be taken care of to get you through your initial recovery.

Remember that prevention is better than cure. If your doctor can still help treat your condition without needing surgery, you must follow them. 

The Importance of Having a Healthy Gallbladder

It may be their lack of awareness, but no one must blame the many people who do not think their gallbladder plays an important role in their overall health. You may have been one of those people, but your gallbladder surgery in Singapore must have proven you otherwise. Now that you know how you should keep this organ healthy, you must pass on the wisdom to other people and remember its importance!

Here are a few steps to keep your gallbladder happy and functional:

Do not skip meals

Not only will skipping meals increase the risks of other health conditions in your digestive system, but it would also contribute to having gallbladder problems. When you do not eat or you skip your meals, the bile juices that help in digestion would build up. When this happens, your cholesterol levels go high and, over time, the waxy fats can harden into gallstones making you more susceptible to gallbladder cancer.

Keep your weight on a healthy level

Most patients who undergo gallstones surgery in Singapore are overweight or obese. The extra pounds that you may have can make your gallbladder larger and not work as it should be. Moreso, it can raise your cholesterol levels. As much as possible, you must stay active to get to a healthy weight. You can start slow by doing core exercises, walking daily, or yoga because these are the types of gentle exercises that aid in digestion!

Do not go on a weight loss diet without the advice of a nutritionist

There is no instant when it comes to health. Whichever advertisements you see on the internet claiming you can drop 10 pounds in a week by following their low-calorie plan, do not believe them. It may sound like an easy way out of your obesity, but a professional dietician and nutritionist will ensure a safe path to your weight loss journey. Trust their advice when it comes to what you must eat to take care of your digestive organs.

What Foods Should You Eat from Now On?

You are what you eat. However, when you are living with gallstones or you have had gallstones surgery in Singapore, you should change your diet. There are specific foods that can protect and promote your gallbladder to health! 

Here is the gallbladder-healthy diet that you should switch to:

High-fibre foods

Selecting tasty foods that contain fibre is not difficult. Found in many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, they all can prevent or relieve your constipation. Aside from that, these also help in maintaining a healthy weight, reducing your risk of diabetes and heart diseases, and lowering the chances of developing cancer.

Several adults do not get enough fibre each day. For men age 50 or younger, they should be getting at least 38 grams of fibre per day. When older, 30 grams! For women, however, at least 25 grams per day when they are 50 years old or below. When older, they should take 21 grams per day.

Remember that your fibre-rich foods are always fresh because of refined or processed foods, such as canned fruits and vegetables, pulp-free juices, white bread and pasta. The foods you should include on your plate are:


  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Potatoes
  • Raw nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews)
  • Raw seeds (such as hemp, chia, and poppy seeds)
  • Oats

Nutrients-packed fruits and vegetables

When you are recovering from gallbladder surgery in Singapore, you need to fill your body with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. These would not only help you in your recovery process but also give you the vitamins that your body needs to regain strength.

The following foods are good sources of vitamins A for antioxidants and vitamin C to boost your immune system. Also, you must know that these include phytonutrients that help assist your body to steadily recover from your recent surgery:


  • Legumes (such as peas and lentils)
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Kale
  • Citrus fruits (such as oranges and limes)

Lean meats 

If, before your treatment and surgery, you were used to consuming lots of meat, this gallbladder removal diet can seem daunting. However, you must know that there are several alternatives that you can still eat. These are classified as leaner meats or plant proteins!

From now on, you should let these cover a part of your plate:

  • Chicken breast
  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Any white fish (such as cod and halibut)
  • Tofu

Foods containing healthy fats or low-fat foods

As much as possible, you would want to avoid heavy oils. Your surgeon who operated your gallstones surgery in Singapore would advise that you introduce your body to healthier oils, such as avocado, olive, or coconut oil. These contain better fats than vegetable oil or other cooking oils.

Even when you are still allowed to consume meat, you must limit your intake of it, especially when it needs oil to cook them. If you are curious about the foods that have a low-fat version or alternative, remember these:


  • Mayonnaise
  • Milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Sour cream
  • Ice cream

You do not need to beat yourself up entirely to improve the state of your health. These are merely slight adjustments because they can still be as tasty as your fast food orders. As much as possible, when you are recovering from your gallbladder removal surgery, you should only eat small meals throughout the day. 

With a reliable and trustworthy surgeon, you are in good hands. They will ensure that you will have another chance in watching your overall health. Remember to check their credentials, background, and experience with gallstones surgery in Singapore because these would determine if you would have a successful surgery with no complications!

Your Gallstones Surgery with Dr QM Leong

It is difficult to go on about your day when you experience pain from your gallstones condition. You would not want it to hinder you from being a top-notch employee. Since gallstones do not go away on their own, you should pay attention to health and prioritise regaining your health. 

With Dr QM Leong, you will return to your usual self. He has the skills and expertise to give you gallstones surgery in Singapore. You can put your trust in him since he has the years of experience you would look for in a surgeon! Whether you ever need to get treatment for your piles, colorectal cancer, peptic ulcer disease, or among other surgical specialities that focus on abdominal contents, you will be in his safe and careful hands!

If you need surgery for your abdominal conditions, you should get Dr Leong as your surgeon to get a successful surgery. Send his clinic a message on their website to get a schedule for a consultation today!