A good night’s sleep is important for one’s general health, as well as health. Regrettably, lots of people are not getting the sleep they need because of a sleep problem. Sleep disorders can lead to rest deprivation, leading to considerable wellness concerns as well as an endangered quality of life. The specialists are present to assist you to get a better night’s rest.

Common Symptoms of Sleep Disorders:

  • Snoring so loudly that the sleep of others is interrupted
  • Frequent cessation of breathing during the evening
  • Falling asleep on short drives or in social circumstances, or problem remaining awake at the institution or workplace.
  • Difficulty dropping off to sleep or frequently waking night after evening; shedding hope that sleep will be typical once more
  • Methodist Hospital Center for Sleep Disorders 

The Excellence Center for Sleep Disorders [ศูนย์ นิทรา เวช, which is the term in Thai] is a state-of-the-art facility developed to treat a variety of rest problems in a relaxing, as well asa comfy atmosphere for patients. It was the first hospital-based rest facility to receive accreditation of Sleep Medication.

Because resting conditions can be caused by lung, neurologic, heart,and psychiatric disorders, Methodist has combined professionals from lots of self-controls to diagnose, evaluate, as well as treat rest disorders in individuals of every age, including children starting at age one.

The interdisciplinary team includes medical professionals, sleep health and wellness teachers, rest engineers,as well as a board-certified behavioral sleep medicine psychotherapist that focuses on non-drug sleeplessness management.


Patients will meet the team of knowledgeable sleep disorder specialists to evaluate symptoms as well as the patient’s medical history. After this initial examination, we will go over with you whether a sleep study might help diagnose the trouble.

  • The Sleep Research Study

When sleep research is indicated, patients commonly spend a couple of evenings sleeping in a space in the comfortable facility beside the major healthcare facility campus. During the rest research, heart activity, brain patterns,breathing, as well as muscle motion will be checked. A rest technologist is nearby throughout the night. They additionally provide comprehensive home rest testing.