Restaurants with uncommon dishes, ferocious rice liquor, extravagant local cuisine, and fishing in Thailand are some of the activities to enjoy on the tour. It has a plethora of odd and quirky desirability and experiences to offer every traveler a sense of adventure. And, with so many great holiday deals going, you will have an abundance of time to take advantage of the tour. 

Don’t forget to Explore the human body museum – In the Chulalongkorn University, the Faculty of Medicine houses the Human Body Museum, which houses 14 anatomize human bodies from Japan. The bodies have multiple kinds of dismemberment and reveal various parts of the body, including the central nervous, artery systems, tendons, and cartilage.

Amulet market at its best – The Amulet Markets are not like any other market. Instead of food and mementos, you’ll be looking for a good fate. Spend some time window shopping the markets for allure, mascot, and ancient time medicine, all of which are thought to bring Midas touch. A must-visit place attracts you to join the throng on weekends to see the interested buyers analyze the fetish with eyeglasses in the hopes of finding one that will bring them good fortune.

Nothing’s better than Elephant Poo Park – One must visit the elephant park as elephant faces look much better and is an appealing gift to the eyes. Elephant Poo Park is the perfect example of ecology. A visit to the park is a must and will make your kids learn the use of recycling. All the stuff found here is made of paper by converting the animal’s poo into paper. 

Fishing resorts – A tour of fishing resorts and indulging in fishing sports is a must when visiting Thailand. Fishing is a treat to fishers, other individuals as well as kids. A wide variety of fish species that are not found in any other country is what Thailand has to offer the tourists.