In nearly every industrial sector, there is extreme attention and care put into ensuring that important structures are in optimal condition. For server facilities, it’s no different. Think of server facilities as the crucial nervous system of your business, handling many business operations, and storing vast amounts of valuable data. Without it, any modern business would grind to a halt. They’re often highly sensitive, with literally hundreds or thousands of electrical connections housed in a very compact space.  That’s why it’s important to make sure any threats to these sensitive connections are detected and dealt with in a timely manner. A water leak detection system may be exactly what you need to keep leaks at bay.

Water leakage is one such threat you have to address quickly. Water can accumulate on the floor or drip down from the ceiling from the overhead piping. This can cause interruptions in server operations, and do even more lasting damage if left unimpeded. In some facilities, this may even be more dangerous because water leakage could be concealed. 

Why do we need water leak detection?  Many will need water leak detection systems like your sensing cable so they will be able to learn more about what goes on in their data centres.

1) Water leaks can easily go undetected.

Water leakage can easily go undetected, especially if they are small. Small leaks can easily form large puddles that can seep into the flooring.

2) You will avoid high water bills.

Water leaks from burst or leaky pipes will raise your water consumption. As a result, you could have high water bills that you cannot ignore. Installing water detection devices can help you pinpoint the source of the leaks and stop them before they happen.

3) You need to protect sensitive equipment.

When you know you have leaking pipes, you can protect your sensitive equipment from harm. A water leak detection system helps you preempt your decisions and choose what to do depending on the kind of leak you have.

Fortunately for you, there’s one perfect solution to combat liquid leaks in server facilities, and that’s Tracetek’s liquid leak detection systems and modules. Tracetek is one of the most reliable and efficient systems for commercial use that you can find on the market today. Its systems can last for many years while running continuously and are highly resistant to corrosion. 

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