You probably signed up for beginner pole dancing classes because you found out that it is a good workout for building body strength. Moreover, most pole dancers would say that it’s a fun and liberating experience. However, the first few lessons might feel intimidating for newbies like you. Only when you are properly prepared can you feel more confident during your first lessons. 

Before we delve in on how to prepare for pole dancing, let us first find out what are the things to expect in the first few classes. Learning a bit about it makes more sense on what these preparations are for. 

Here is a quick sneak peek of what your first day might look like:

  • Warm-Ups

In fitness programs and dance lessons, it is essential to do some warm-ups first to prepare your body. Warm-up exercises help loosen your joints, so you will less likely get injured. It also aids in improving the blood flow. If ever you start doing strenuous exercises already, they will have less impact on your body. You get to execute complicated dance moves with ease. 

Some of the warm-up exercises often include simple activities such as running, jumping jacks, stretches, and lunges. These are almost the same as those that are done during regular gym sessions. 

  • Strengthening Exercises

Next is strengthening exercises. You need to have a strong body to lift yourself on the pole. You have to make it look like it is effortless to hang up there. So, expect some exercises like push-ups and lifting weights. However, they are only for building abdominal muscles. You still need to continue doing lunges and squats using a kettlebell for strengthening the leg muscles. Some pole dance instructors ask their students to do a Burpee to further strengthen the core muscles. It’s a full-body workout in which you have to perform multiple squat thrusts. 

  • Pole Dancing Tricks

After conditioning your body, the pole dance instructor will now teach you some tricks on how to execute some moves. It’s not normal not to get it right at first. You are just a beginner, so it takes lots of practice first before mastering a specific pole dancing technique. It might get discouraging and disheartening at first, so you have to be mentally prepared for it. In this way, it’s unlikely for you to quit right away after failing multiple times. Although others mastered it earlier than you do, try not to feel dispirited. Focus only on your improvements, and you will eventually execute the difficult moves. 

Now that you have an idea on what will happen in your first class, it’s now time to gear up and prepare some of these essentials:

  • Comfortable Outfit

When we say comfortable, you are not supposed to go to class with your everyday clothes. Loose t-shirts and pants are a big no for dancing classes. It’s hard for you to move freely knowing that some of your private parts might get exposed while you are dancing. So, go for tight-fitting, breathable clothes. Shop online for tank tops made from cotton because they absorb sweat well. You can also choose clothes made from nylon because they are breathable. You will still cool even after exercising for a long time in a pole dance studio in Singapore. Moreover, females should put on some sports bra. This is to limit the distracting movements on the bust area. 

As for the bottom, it is recommended for beginners to wear leggings or leg warmers. Getting pole burns is common if you are regularly hanging on metal bars. It causes friction on the skin, and this could result in pole burns. Also, consider purchasing knee pads because there will be a lot of floor exercises at first. 

You might be wondering what would be a suitable footwear for pole dancing. For those who are attending beginner pole dancing classes, it is best to wear your classic gym shoes. At first, it would be difficult to balance yourself while you are wearing heels, so you have to go with your gym shoes instead. Heels like pleaser shoes or Ellie shoes are only worn by professionals. It looks like the typical heels that most women wear in which it has a platform and a high arch. However, it still depends on your decision. Also, you have the option to go barefoot. Not only will it help you save money, but it is also more comfortable to dance with no shoes at all. 

  • Grip Aids

For better grip on the pole, you may want to invest in some grip aids. These are accessories that would help prevent your palms from getting all slippery due to sweat. It also helps dancers who have dry hands. It’s easier to do the proper form while you are dancing if you have some grip aids on. Remember that there are different types of grip aids and they come in these materials:

  • Powder
  • Lotion
  • Stick
  • Arnica Gel 

During pole dancing practices, you are probably going to get some bruises. It happens, especially if you are always on the pole. These bruises might get in the way of your training because they might swell and you will feel sore. So, consider purchasing an arnica gel and bring it every time you go to class. It’s a topical gel that will help ease your body pain. It’s perfect for bruises and sprains! It is also made from natural herbs, so it is safe to use.

It’s going to be tough on your first pole dancing classes, so you have to be thoroughly prepared for it. This is to prevent you from easily getting injured, and for you to get comfortable during classes. 

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