Even though your feet are the farthest body parts from your heart, it doesn’t mean that they won’t cause a serious impact on your health. Remember that the feet are complex body parts because they compose more than ¼ of the bones in your body. So, it is important to take care of them, and sometimes, visit a podiatrist to maintain proper foot health. 

How Poor Foot Health Can Affect Your Life

We have to move our feet most of the time for our everyday activities. From simply walking to a room to travelling to different places, you need to use your feet. Besides, they support your entire body weight to ensure you maintain a stable posture while you are standing. If you start experiencing any foot problems, then it would be difficult for you to perform at your best. You will keep on tripping and falling. 

Here are some of the foot problems that might affect your quality of life: 

  • Flat Feet

It is when the arc inside the foot starts to fall that it touches the ground. It is common for obese people because their weight weakens the tendon on the ankle. Age is also a risk factor for flat feet because tendons start to wear out. Pain in the joints can be felt if a person is suffering from it. Fortunately, there are now foot orthotics available at podiatry clinics in Singapore. This could help treat various foot problems like flat feet. 

  • Bunions and Hammertoes

Both are toe joint problems that could also lead to foot pain and swelling. Podiatristsoften recommend sports taping and shockwave therapy to help fix bunions and hammertoes. 

  • Toenail Infections

Neglecting foot health can also result in toenail infections. One of the most common toenail infections is a fungal nail. In Singapore, a fungal nail infection is more than just a cosmetic issue. It is also an infectious condition because the fungus or bacteria might spread to other nails if left untreated. It would be difficult to walk and wear shoes if this happens. 

  • Gout

It occurs when the joint at the big toe starts to become inflamed. The cause of gout is often related to high uric acid levels. You are probably living an unhealthy lifestyle if you happen to experience gout. It shouldn’t be ignored because the pain associated with gout is ten times more painful than a simple foot injury. Even the slightest touch of the gout-infected toenail is painful. So, try to set up an appointment at a podiatry clinicto know what are some clinical therapies that could help manage gout. 

Moreover, poor foot health can significantly limit your physical activity. You might need to resort to a sedentary lifestyle if this happens. It’s a dangerous type of lifestyle because it might lead to poor blood flow. It would now be difficult for the blood to distribute the nutrients in different body systems, thus it increases the risk for different diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and cancers. So, it is important to keep your feet healthy for you to exercise daily and prevent a sedentary lifestyle. You may also want to consider consulting a podiatrist in Singapore to get some foot care tips. 

Ways to Take Care of Your Feet

Proper foot care isn’t as complicated as we think. We only need to practice proper hygiene and be mindful of the sudden changes in our feet. Here are some ways on how you can take care of your feet:

  • Clean, Clean, and Clean!

Just make sure to wash your feet every day with soap and water. You may scrub them occasionally to prevent any corns and calluses. After taking a foot bath, ensure that they are completely dry. If not then, your toes might get easily infected with fungal conditions. Moisture on the feet is what attracts fungi and bacteria to reside in nails. 

  • Choose the Right Footwear

Avoid choosing ill-fitting shoes no matter how good design is. You might eventually experience foot issues like Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis if you continue wearing those shoes daily. You are going to need to undergo a long treatment to fix these foot issues. So, make sure to buy shoes that fit your size. Not only will it be more comfortable to walk around, but it will also save you from getting an expensive treatment. 

  • Consider a Foot Examination

Watch out for warning signs like recurring foot pain and aches. You might already have an underlying condition that causes the pain on your foot from always coming back. Don’t hesitate to ask a podiatristabout it because they can help you examine your foot for any problems and issues. You don’t want to find out late that you already have some kind of foot disease. It would be difficult to treat it if the complications are worse. 

Also, a foot examination is recommended for diabetic patients because there is a tendency for the blood to accumulate in their feet’s blood vessels. If this happens, then it would be difficult for their wounds to heal. So, it is advisable to visit a podiatriston how to better manage proper foot health for diabetic people. 

Your feet are one of the essential parts of your body. Even though this is the case, we often neglect it because they don’t like to pose serious health concerns. However, a simple foot injury or toenail infection can significantly affect your quality of life. So, if you happen to experience any pain or unusual symptoms on your feet, then don’t just ignore it. Seek treatment right away. Some podiatry centresin Singapore that could help you out. 

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