To ensure that your watch like the newly released rolex watches (นาฬิกา rolex รุ่น ใหม่ ล่าสุด which is the term in Thai) lasts much longer on your wrist, pay attention to the necessary care with the part. Beautiful, elegant, and timeless wristwatches have long ceased to be considered just accessories to tell us the time to rise to the status of luxury items, jewelry. Today, it is common to buy a watch less for its usefulness and more as a form of investment, especially if a renowned brand signs the piece in question. As with property or automobile (when properly maintained), the watch can be passed on to the next generation without losing its value – so you can’t be too careful to keep the piece in good condition.

#1 – Do Not Expose Your Watch To Extreme Temperatures

Leaving your watch excessively exposed to the sun or very high temperatures, such as in a sauna, for example, can be highly harmful to the accessory. This is because the sudden temperature shock contributes to the lubricant inside the part, which allows the parts to move more efficiently to evaporate much faster than they usually would, which impairs the proper functioning of the mechanism. The only case where the sun’s heat is (coming soon) welcome to the watch is in parts stored for a long time to remove mold.

#2 – Never Enter The Sea With The Watch On Your Wrist

That you should avoid any contact of your watch like the with water, you must already know. But this care should be tripled on visits to the beach. That’s because all the salt and sand in this water can get into your watch and damage the most delicate parts inside. Although more resistant to nature, even waterproof models should not be tested to their limits in seawater. If you accidentally forget to take your watch off and immerse it in water, soaking it for a while in freshwater can help to clean it.