Parenting is a serious commitment because you are not just bringing a new addition to the population as it also requires the right state of mind, financial stability, and other initiatives to ensure the development of your child. They need enough support during their development years until they grow up and learn to be self-reliant people. These characteristics make parenting a tough job, and it is important to find ways to make it easier to benefit both the parents and the offspring.

Parenthood is a big responsibility and commitment because you are dealing with a human being who is an extension of yourself. As a parent, it is natural to desire what is best for your children because of the responsibility you hold in improving their wellbeing. So how can you cultivate the development of your child? Read this article to explore the advantages of availing confinement nanny services in Singapore.


The concept of a confinement nanny comes from the Chinese word “zuoyuezi” which literally means “sitting on the moon”. It is a practice in East Asian cultures that ensures the full recovery of both mother and child after pregnancy as it allows the development of the infant and lets the mother’s reproductive organs fully recover.

Since the pregnancy journey starts after childbirth, the mother may be overwhelmed with all the responsibilities ,and that is where a confinement nanny would be beneficial for the overall recovery and development of the infant.

Why Families Hire Nannies

Some households employ nannies due to several reasons such as lack of time to supervise the child, to aid post-pregnancy recovery, and as an effort to seek help in managing the household.

Given the fast-paced city life in Singapore, people are working countless hours to make a living, and this is one compelling reason as to why some households should avail of nanny services. In the next part, the advantages of hiring a stay in nanny in Singapore will be discussed.


Looking for the right confinement nanny to take care of you and your children is difficult because of our varying personalities and attitudes when it comes to parenting and running a household. This is one issue because serious problems might arise such as disagreement and unwarranted feuds. With the help of a confinement agency in Singapore, they make sure to match the nanny to the client by basing it on their preferences and personalities to fulfill their goal of providing the best service possible.

Because of the diverse background of clients, factors such as language preference, religion, dietary requirements, etc. are considered. This makes the match-making process simpler because it lets the service provider assess what type of care the client needs.


One good thing about a confinement agency in Singapore is their labor force: All nannies working under them have at least 3 years of experience in infant care, and they are also skilled in cooking food for the mother to provide recovery after pregnancy. One of the benefits of having experienced and well-versed employees is the fulfillment of their duty to provide the highest quality service for both the baby and the mother. You are not just paying for the convenience but also their expertise in contributing to the overall development of your child and your recovery.

Living Arrangement

The beauty of hiring a stay in nanny in Singapore is the convenient living arrangement it provides the client. The parents no longer have to do extra chores in supervising the infant or child because the nanny can already do tasks such as maintaining the bedroom and preparing their meals. With this, the parents have the time to focus on themselves or whatever responsibility they have without compromising the development and wellbeing of their children.

Complete Supervision

Nannies greatly help the development of your child because of the undivided attention they give. They are not just giving additional assistance to the parent but also the necessary care and attention the child needs. For example, a nanny can organisze the play schedule, give the necessary learning materials, and sometimes introduce them to other children. This makes it better than enrolling in a day-care center where there is a risk of neglect or lack of attention.

Household Maintenance

Managing a household is a daunting task, especially if both parents are working their 9 to 5 jobs. With the help of a stay in nanny in Singapore, you will go home from your job every night with happy children and a home that was well taken care of. Nannies can also serve as a guide when it comes to this so you are not just paying for the services but also their knowledge in home management.

Customer Service

Confinement services in Singapore do not only provide a nanny for the infant and the recovery of the mother. They also make sure that the needs of the clients are met by assessing the compatibility of a nanny to a client, available support for whatever concern, and their promise to deliver experienced and well-trained service. The great thing is that it is an effort made by the company, nannies, and the parents to promote the wellness of the infant and recovery of the mother by providing a personaliszed care program that is made specifically for the clients given their preferences and conditions.



Families hire nannies for different reasons such as lack of time, work schedule, and sometimes lack of knowledge when it comes to parenting. The great thing about confinement nanny services in Singapore is they do not only focus on the development of the infant but also the recovery of the mother after pregnancy. Interested in taking a step to give your child the care it needs? Visit Super Nanny Services to learn more about the business and its offerings.