Car shipping is an important requirement today. There are shipping services that transport vehicles in different ways including flights, ships, trains, trucks, etc. We have an option to choose between different carriers and booking a transport service is a straightforward and easy process.

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Wondering how people shipped vehicles in the past?

A lot of advancements have made it easy to transport vehicles but years ago the situation was different. People had limited resources to ship vehicles some of which can sound bizarre though it served the purpose.

The different ways vehicles were shipped include:

  • TrailmobileThe vehicle to be transported was loaded on top of an iron chassis equipped with wheels. The driver attached the trail mobile to his vehicle and hauled it to the destination. Only one vehicle could be transported at a time.
  • Boxcar: 1940s and 1950s saw advancements and people were successfully able to transport up to 4 sedans in a single boxcar which proved to be more efficient. However, the cost involved was still high since the vehicles should further be shipped to the customer.
  • On trains along with the carrierTransporting the entire carrier via train made it easy to load and unload vehicles but there were no significant cost savings by transporting vehicles this way.
  • Vert-A-PacTo maximize the number of cars to be transported at a time,m the cars were placed vertically nose-down on specialized auto-racks, This way an 89-foot railcar could hold up to 30 cars. This popular mode of shipping however turned out to be unreliable and posed safety issues.
  • Porters: In some countries like India and Nepal where roadways weren’t good back then, porters joined together to carry expensive cars to the destination place. There is an anecdote of 64 porters carrying a German-made Mercedes during 1948. This method was reserved for wealthy people.
  • Semi-tractorThe Mercedez-Benz Actros can hold up to 250 tons and was used to transport heavy-weight vehicles like mining trucks.
  • Extra-long carriersChina introduced extra-long carriers that extended to about 27 meters to transport about 15 vehicles in a single go despite the legal allowable carrier length being no more than 16.5 meters.

Gone are the days of unsafe and inefficient shipping methods. In the current era, shipping is done easily cost-effectively, and safely.