Looking for selecting the correct bearing type for your application but confused among thousands of options available? Fret not and scroll the page till the end to find the rightmost bearing type without any fuss. Consider every single aspect before choosing the bearings and maximize the performance of your application in no time.

Let’s have a look!!

Bearing Load

The very first thing one must consider is the load that the bearing must sustain. It has a big impact on selecting the bearing type for a particular application and must be taken into consideration. The load managed by the bearing can significantly affect its performance and is, therefore, chosen very carefully. Some bearing types can handle radial loads while others can handle axial loads. Go for the bearing type that caters to your purpose well.

The durability of the bearing 

Undeniably, the durability of the bearing matters the most at the time of bearing selection. There are two major factors that are needed to be considered with respect to durability, namely – Rigidity and temperature tolerance.  Always check the bearing you are going to select can withstand the high temperature or not and only then make the final choice.

Size Restrictions

The next important element to consider while choosing the correct bearing type for your application is the size restrictions. Look, the space available for the bearing is limited and, therefore, you must go for the bearing type that perfectly fits the predefined specs without any hassle. Determine the size of the bearing according to your application and then make the selection accordingly.

Bearing Precision

Yet another big consideration is bearing precision. There are certain applications like CNC machine where high and accurate precision is needed while some doesn’t consider this requirement at all. Therefore, always go for the bearing precision that suits your application well.

Check whether your bearing is aligned or not as misalignment can cause the bearing failure and thus greatly impacts the ongoing performance of the application. You are advised to purchase the bearing only from a trusted company like Aire Velo Bearings to ensure quality.

Operating Speed


When choosing the bearing type, one must take operating speed into account. Every bearing type has its particular speed limit and this may vary with bearing size, type, temperature, degree of load, and lubrication. Depending on the application, make a wise choice that can multiply its performance by manifolds.


Maintenance is one such factor that cannot be overlooked while choosing the accurate bearing type for your application. Some bearings require regular inspection and maintenance. In such applications, one must need bearings with separable rings.

The Bottom Line

There is no second thought in the fact that with dozen bearing types and options, choosing the right bearing has now become a back-breaking task. However, if the essential elements are considered, this can be done in a jiffy. Buy these bearings from a leading company like Aire Velo Bearings and enjoy the stressful experience and maximum performance.