If you are searching for a good leather shoulder holster then Kirkpatrick sounds great to us. Not only in the United States, but Kirkpatrick leather is popular around the globe. In the article below, we will throw some spotlight at the lovely and tough holsters made by Kirkpatrick.




Kirkpatrickleather was founded in 1950, this year they are happily celebrating their 70th anniversary for all the successful years. You will find skilled workers at the company, the professionals for the keen working on the holsters are chosen after a precise procedure. You will not find a single man without years of experience at Kirkpatrick.

Trust is an important aspect of buying, trading and business. However, Kirkpatrick has let the hook loose as they do not have to work on proving you their worth. Who would question a company 70 years old and world-famous for security and quality of the product, will you? We highly suggest you give the brand a shot, not for us but for your own benefit as every penny spent on Kirkpatrick products is worth it.



Cross draw holsters and other holsters at Kirkpatrick


The site has a very good range of holsters in line. The quality of the raw material used is no joke. The professionalism and skills can be easily seen by just taking one of the holsters in hand. You don’t even require a keen look before announcing the perfectly made object. Kirkpatrick has an option for custom leather holsters. You can place your order, which will include your preferences in almost every part of the holster. With patience for a few days, you will get your custom leather holster just like you expected. The work is done by utter dedication and knowledge of at least more than 10 years.

The current highlights of the site are their three best works. Texas cross draw holster made of pure leather. It is specially designed for Wilson combat 1911. The next position is acquired by model K-400, a leather shoulder holster beautifully sculpted by the artisans at Kirkpatrick for Glock model pistols. Idaho john has successfully made its way to the third highlight at Kirkpatrick official website. Idaho john cowboy is a leather holster with hand-engraved finishing.

Above mentioned was just the 5% of what Kirkpatrick has for its customers. The site has been in the holsters business for about 70 years now. With its model skills getting implemented in its products, the site is reaching the heights it deserves. For more information about the highlighted models, you can simply visit the website.

Contact them


Humans make mistakes. Maybe, A day would come where there’s an unusual mistake being made, whoever’s fault it is, all you have to do is contact the company. In case of any issue, query, fault, the contact information is displayed at the bottom of the homepage of Kirkpatrick’s official site. The information such as numbers and emails are always active and if anything is dropped, the update is made immediately on the site.