With a seemingly permanent shift to remote working for many of us, and the growing options that have allowed many more to travel whilst working with newer visas being introduced to allow for medium term stays whilst working too. But an essential part of the lifestyle remains within what you’re able to take with you and picking the perfect tech for what you need whilst still being able to travel light and unencumbered is essential too. So, what are the must have tech needs for the digital nomad life

Your mobile and laptop – Your workhorses and your office away from home – both your mobile and laptop will be your new office so it’s important to ensure you’re able to cover all bases with both as your options for working may be limited from time to time. Certain features will be more important than others – newer mobiles for example coming equipped with 5G will certainly help with connectivity, and help you become less reliant on good wifi or wired services to be able to work. Similarly, on things like your laptop, having longer battery life or smaller form factor may be much more important for allowing longer term working options, or to keep pack weight light. 

Portable charging and batteries – On a similar note, you won’t always have access to an outlet to charge and this is where power banks will become essential in order to keep you online at all times. Some care is needed, there are some travel restrictions on power banks over a certain size so depending on where you’re travelling, you’ll want to double check travel guidelines and make sure that you’re within the restriction guidelines, but many are getting much smaller now so even if you do need to pack more to keep up with your own demand, you’ll start to be able to find smaller form factor options. 

Don’t forget your peripherals too – Comfort is key when on the road and working, you’ll want to have the most comfortable experience to make sure you’re the most productive and so that tasks you wouldn’t ordinarily have an issue with don’t be a chore – we rely on all sorts of peripherals like mice and keyboards, headsets, and for those doing distanced calls, microphones, and webcams too. Find out what makes your day to day easier, and what you’d deem to be essential, and get something higher quality that can survive a little wear and tear whilst delivery the same performance. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

These are just a few suggestions too, with the growing number of people making the change there are a huge number of guides becoming more readily available at digitalnomads.world and similar sites to help guide your way through the change, and with now being such a perfect time to prepare for the change of lifestyle it may be just what you need – location independent business is on the rise, and could be the future for many moving forward.

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