Medical industries are now focusing on treatments that do not require surgeries and medicine intake. These treatments revolve around the idea that the body can heal on its own. One such treatment is called osteopathic care in Singapore.


What is Osteopathic Care?


It involves using manual manipulation techniques to help improve the overall health of a person. Such manipulations will aid in improving body strength to treat chronic pain. The concept is almost the same as physical therapy and physiotherapy, however, osteopathy is more about boosting one’s health. It doesn’t focus on treating one area, but instead, it provides holistic care for getting rid of pains and aches. 


The target treatment of osteopathic care is the musculoskeletal system of your body. In simple terms, it strengthens the joints, muscles and spine. If they are healthy and strong, then it would help condition your circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems.


Conditions an Osteopath Can Treat


In Singapore, osteopathy is recommended for patients who are suffering from lower back and neck pain. Although it focuses more on these areas, scope of its treatment extends to joint and muscle problems. 


Here are more of the conditions and disorders that an osteo can treat: 


  • Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions that develop most in adults. It happens when the joints start to weaken as one age. Some of the areas that would be affected are the hips, knees, spine, feet, and hands. It is a degenerative condition in which it can make the joints stiff and inflamed. An osteo in Singapore can help prevent osteoarthritis by improving the body’s flexibility. Treatment involves performing various gentle manipulation techniques and therapeutic massages, as well as, educating the patient on what stretching exercises must be done at home. 


  • Sciatica

It is when irritation occurs on the sciatic nerve, and this causes leg pain and numbness. The sciatic nerve is a nerve that connects the spine and the feet. It is best to consult an osteo in Singapore for sciatica as this medical specialist could help manage pain and decrease muscle spasms. 


  • Vertigo

For people who are suffering from vertigo, it is recommended to visit an osteopathic centre in Singapore as there are health experts there who could suggest treatments that are effective for vertigo. Treatments include using massages to get rid of the pressure at the neck. The neck is the part where the ears are connected, and vertigo is associated with inner ear problems. If manual manipulations are done on the neck, then it would help treat vertigo. You would rarely feel dizzy after a series of osteopathictreatments.  


  • Tendonitis

Podiatrists are not just the ones who could help treat tendonitis or the swelling of the tendons.Osteopaths can provide effective pain relief treatment too. One of which is massaging the soft tissues at the leg muscles to better mobilise the joints. 


  • Postural Issues

Are you the type of person who always sits in front of the computer to work all day long? If yes, then you may be experiencing postural problems by now. Even though it might seem like having a hunched back is not something to be worried on, postural issues such as this could lead to conditions such as osteoporosis. Before it gets worse, consult an osteopath in Singapore. The price of the consultation should not be a concern when it comes to health and wellness. Remember that “health is wealth”! So, do not hesitate to invest in treatments such as osteopathic care as it will help improve overall health. 


  • Neuralgia

Neuralgia is a condition that occurs when the trigeminal nerve or a cranial nerve becomes inflamed. Symptoms include sharp pain around the head, nose and cheeks.  Worse, the pain suddenly appears without any warning. Visceral osteopathy is an effective treatment that can help relieve pain associated with neuralgia. 


Other Benefits of Osteopathy


Aside from treating chronic conditions, osteopathy can also bring other health benefits. Some of them are improving sleep and relieving back pain. 


One of the reasons why it is difficult for some people to sleep is because of chronic body pain. Their bodies could not function well due to the pain, thus it is normal for them to feel restless at night. The pain and discomfort are preventing them from getting a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, osteopathy is the key to treating insomnia. It helps address the main cause of chronic pain, thus making it easier for the body to relax at night. 


As for relieving back pain, osteopathic care is proven to be an effective alternative treatment. An osteo will stretch the stiff muscles at the back to provide pain relief. Also, massages are done to further improve the mobility of the back muscles. They may also suggest to patients to do some dietary and lifestyle changes to prevent back pain.


Get Holistic Osteopathic Care at Edge Healthcare


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