Since a lot of people and establishments count on TOEFL examination scores, test safety is extremely vital to ETS. Some treatment evaluation centers need to follow to make sure the examination is carried out in a safe, fair fashion. If you decline or fall short to adhere to any guidelines of examination facility staff, you won’t be able to take the examination, and your test cost will not be reimbursed.

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Find out about test safety plans

Know What to Expect During Your Test

The test administrator will designate you a seat quickly before the test starts.

You’ll be provided noise-reducing earphones with a microphone that you’ll speak right into for the speaking section of the examination.

If you need help, increase your hand

You won’t be able to leave the screening area or the examination facility without authorization, either throughout the examination or during breaks.

If you leave the screening area to head to the storage area or the restroom, the examination clock won’t stop.

The test center staff will offer scratch paper. At the end of your examination, return all scratch papers to the examination administrator. Don’t tear or get rid of any type of component of it. You can ask for more paper if you require it, yet you have to return the paper you have prior to you can get even more.

You’ll utilize a standard QWERTY English-language keyboard for the test. In some nations, the usual keyboard utilized is configured to QWERTY as well as a template is offered per examination taker to help with situating minority keys that are in a different area.

If you assume there is a problem with an examination item as well as wish to question it for any type of factor, notify the examination facility manager before leaving.

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