Safety Footwear is a PPE essential in day-to-day construction workers, industries, factories, industrial kitchens, and all environments where there is a need to use protective equipment Single by employees. The provision of this safety material is the employer’s responsibility. Still, the maintenance and care in handling the material is the employee’s sole responsibility, who must take care of their equipment and make it last as long as possible.

1) Wear Socks Or Socks

Avoid using your Safety Footwear without socks or socks, as the foot will perspire during the day, and direct contact of sweat with the boot material for a long period can damage the material, in addition to causing a bad smell. It is recommended to use cotton socks or socks with good absorption to avoid that sweat accumulates in your PPE. And remember: let your boot dry naturally overnight after work is over.

2) Use Grease For The Leather Of Safety Shoes

A very effective way to prolong the life of your Safety Footwear leather is to use specific leather grease during cleaning. Shining your boot periodically will create a protective layer over the upper, the outside of the shoe, keeping the leather healthy and looking good. This will allow the leather’s suppleness to last longer, keeping your Footwear comfortable and wearable for a longer time.

3) Store In A Well-Ventilated Place Away From The Sun

As important as the precautions already mentioned so far is where you store your safety shoes. The boot is produced in leather, and this material needs to be well cared for and preserved so that its useful life is prolonged. It is recommended to store your PPE in a ventilated place, where it has oxygen circulation to breathe, dry, and get rid of odors and humidity accumulated during the day. In addition, it is essential that you stay away from heat sources and not be exposed to the sun, preventing the leather from hardening and the boot from losing its suppleness and comfort.


Now you have the main information to take special care of with your Safety Footwear that can be gotten from JTAGCO for instance, ensuring a long and comfortable life for your PPE. Use these topics as a guide to caring for your Safety Boot, Safety Boot, or Safety   Shoe, and make sure you always keep it dry and clean for the day ahead. After the end of the day, natural drying overnight is essential in this process. Make regular use of grease to keep the leather protected, and wash your Safety Shoes periodically.