T-shirts are wardrobe staples found in everyone’s closet; perhaps they are the most common because they are so versatile. It’s simple, clean, and classic attire to which you can add elements to make it funkier. The design and style options for T shirt printing in Singapore are limitless, as they can serve as a blank canvas on which you can express your exceptional creativity.

Most people consider T-shirts attractive, and everyone’s favourite graphic tees are one of the most crucial factors in the ever-increasing popularity of T-shirts. It is more popular and desirable because it is readily accessible and comes in many colours and styles. They have evolved into one of the most ubiquitous articles of clothing that are comfortable and wearable by men, women, and children. With an ever-increasing demand for tee shirt printing services in Singapore, the fashion industry never stopped experimenting with new fabrics and styles.

Here are the dos for clothing printing that will increase sales.

Consider the contrast of the design.

Contrast is an element of colour selection, but it is a specific and essential element to consider during tee shirt printing services in Singapore. What is the nature of contrast? It is the degree of visual contrast between the image’s darker and lighter portions or how different hues correspond together.

Designs with high contrast are easier to read and conspicuous, whereas low contrast designs are more subtle. Always, black-on-white or vice versa will provide the best image contrast. The juxtaposition between bright colours and a dark background will be high.

Consider the fonts and colours carefully.

Enterprise technical aspects are crucial. It shouldn’t lead businesses to ignore creativity and design. Design, not marketing, is what sells T-shirts. Ensure the design concept fits the theme and the audience. A good t-shirt design uses fonts and colours.

Typography changes t-shirt designs. You can do this by researching T-shirt fonts. When promoting a brand, use legible fonts. Oswald, Montserrat, Shrikhand, Ostrich Sans, and Lobster are great T-shirt fonts. Combining fonts can add excitement to a tee shirt printing concept in Singapore. Thin, decorative sans serifs pair well with serif fonts.

Make sure your design matches the shirt you’ll print it on. A colour wheel mixes colours. Find the colour you want to use, then use the opposite colour. It helps find complementary colours. This trick produces popular T-shirt colour combinations like blue and orange.

Set a modest print size.

A design for a custom jersey printing service in Singapore is not one of those things where size is irrelevant. A common error is setting images to standard size. However, the standard is close to the maximum, which may be too large for most designs. The size of a print design should match the shirt’s purpose, the garment’s properties, and the design’s characteristics. Remember that specific shapes, such as circles and squares, appear better when scaled down. Think about the whole size of the print, not just its length and width.

Know your material.

You must be thoughtful when selecting the printing materials to get the best results. Ensure the print and shirt you plan to use are compatible with their different properties.

Cotton and polyester are the best shirt materials for a custom shirt and jersey printing in Singapore because they are versatile. Cotton t-shirts are suitable for Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, screen printing, and embroidery. Manufacturers suggest using polyester t-shirts for transfer printing and sublimation. Before printing a large quantity, it is essential to conduct research and test the print quality. The incorrect combination of print and material can result in poor colour reproduction and other quality issues.

The don’ts of shirt printing to boost profits and avoid losses.

Avoid printing on seams, pockets, and zippers.

In achieving the best print quality with screen shirt and jersey printing in Singapore, a flat surface must exist between the pallet and the screen. The front and back of the T-shirt should be uniform and smooth, allowing for a flawless print every time. Because the ridge on the screen prevents the ink from making contact with the shirt when printed over a seam, pocket, or zipper, the design will be inconsistent.

Avoid complexity.

Well, they’re right because sometimes “less is more.” It’s good to be creative during T shirt printing in Singapore, but don’t get carried away by piling too many things at once, as this would cause chaos. A human brain can only process a limited amount of information; if you add too much, it will be difficult for people to understand what you’re trying to say, and it won’t be aesthetically pleasing. Don’t place everything on a single shirt. Keep it straightforward and lively.


Sacrifice the quality of your materials.

Some individuals skimp on quality materials for their T shirt printing in Singapore. However, doing so increases the risk of quality issues with your product. Creating buyer confidence in your brand requires more than just excellent design and marketing. You must have a material of sufficient quality to compete in the market. No matter how effective your marketing campaign is, a shirt that wears out and tears within a few weeks will not make people like your products. 

In addition, the more people wear it, the more exposure you will receive. By exposing your brand to the public through the design of the shirt or word-of-mouth recommendations, providing high-quality goods can advance your brand.

Avoid printing on ribbed clothing.

Compared to other black shirts, the ribbed garment offers the best fit. They conform to the size of the person wearing them. It is good news for the consumers who wear it, but it poses a problem for T shirt printing in Singapore. When the ribbed garment is on the press, stretching can’t happen, and only the tops of the ribs receive ink. After the shirt is worn, the inks separate, revealing the unprinted space between the ribs.

With these simple and easily-remembered insights, you can get ahead of the competition and shine through it. Be inspired, but do not imitate. Allow your imagination to soar.

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