Love was something that I believed in for the longest time. Ever since I was little, I firmly believed that love was the number one thing I wanted to achieve in life. Out of all my goals, falling in love and getting married was my priority. The numerous romantic comedies I watched as a teenager are practically why I have been shaped into the person I am today. Love was, to me, the most beautiful thing anyone could ever receive from someone else. As someone who witnessed their parents go through an uncontested divorce in Singapore, I wanted to find a love that lasted, a love that was stronger than the one my parents had. I didn’t want to think that love had an expiration date, so I made sure that I didn’t base my views on what my parents used to have. 

First Love

At the age of eighteen, I had my first boyfriend. He was sweet and didn’t seem like the type to hire the best divorce lawyer in Singapore. He held my hand whenever we walked to school together, and he’d call me every night just to talk to me some more. He made me feel like the love I was looking for was actually real. However, that love didn’t last as much as I thought it would. He broke up with me after some time, and the reason behind it is still unknown to me to this day. I didn’t resent him for leaving me. If anything, it made me resent myself for thinking that I had already found the one who could help prove that love can last.

Second Love

Just when I was about to lose faith in love, I met someone when I was twenty-four. He was kind, and he had a dog. The dog was supposed to be a bonus, but seeing how he cared for his pet gave me a glimpse of what he’d be like as a father. I didn’t want our love story to end with us discussing wife maintenance, but I could already tell that he’d allow it if it meant he could still provide for a family he cared about. 

Does Love Last? 

When we got married, my view on love stayed the same. I still thought love would last, and I thought my husband would be living proof that it was true. After five years of going strong, I started to foolishly believe that I wasn’t the only one thinking it was going to be us until the end. But then I suddenly found out that he was cheating on me. Before we could even have a child together, I was already looking for a divorce lawyer from Singapore to help me properly divorce my husband.

The best divorce lawyer from Singapore I hired was good. Some part of me hated how good he was because every time he made excellent points about my husband, it made me feel even worse for loving him as much as I did. Despite how sad I was, I was still glad that my lawyer had enough experience to win the case. Love, in my opinion, can still last forever. You just need to go through the wrong people to find the right one. 

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