People always misconceived that an ENT doctor in Singapore can only work with ear infections, sore throats, sinus infections, tonsils and adenoids. However, an ENT doctor has a medical speciality with all disorders and conditions affecting the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck areas. 

Learning these seven can help the next time you visit an ENT clinic in Singapore and determine what ENTs can actually do. 


An ENT doctor in Singapore can diagnose and cure children’s ear, nose, and throat disorders. They can help with abnormal breathing, pain in the head to neck areas, nosebleeds, snoring, and sleeping disorders in children.


They can also treat swallowing disorders, such as sore throat, swollen tonsils, or tender lymph nodes. If you’re suffering from throat problems, consult an ENT doctor in Singapore.


Did you know an ENT doctor in Singapore can also perform rhinoplasty? They have extensive training for operating facial plastic or reconstructive surgery.


Skin cancer is also a medical speciality of an ENT doctor in Singapore. If cancer cells are within the ears, nose, or throat, they can be involved in the surgery.


Facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy is curable by either an ENT doctor in Singapore or a neurologist as it involves nerve dysfunction in the face.


Hearing loss is the most common condition an ENT doctor in Singapore treats. They perform extensive diagnosis first, from the infection to the earwax and the damage.


If you need help and treatment for sleeping disorders, such as snoring, sleep apnea, or insomnia, you can also consult an ENT doctor in Singapore.

There are many potential reasons for you to visit an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore. As early as you are, it’s highly crucial to have regular checkups with doctors or specialists. It can ensure that your body’s condition remains well even when you grow older. 
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