Your refrigerator is probably the essential appliance in your home: it is the center of your kitchen, you use it every day, and it is an excellent investment. So shouldn’t you be doing everything you can to keep her in top shape?

There are a few things you can do to extend your time together and make your refrigerator more useful than ever if you just bought a new fridge. Try these few tips to extend the life of your fridge and keep it running at its best.

Clean the coils 

Coils are the heart that makes your fridge beat. Typically, two places that collect a lot of dust and dirt can be found behind or below the unit. Those coils keep your food cold and your fridge running like it’s supposed to, but when buried in layers of debris, their efficiency often dives. Before doing this, ensure you unplug it from the socket (เต้ารับ which is the term in Thai).

Keep the top clean

It may be tempting to use the top of your fridge as an additional shelf to store cereal boxes and other items, but we guarantee it’s not a good idea. Most refrigerators release excess heat through the top of the unit (so it is always a little warm to the touch).

Putting things on top traps heat, forcing the motor to work harder to maintain the optimum temperature inside the unit. This can seriously damage your fridge and the food it stores over an extended period, so we recommend that you keep the top clear.

Keep it full

The best-kept secret is that fridges work much better when they are complete! It may sound fake at first, but it’s true: As the food in your fridge cools down, it helps keep the temperature of the entire unit low, allowing the fridge to relax and delegate some of the work to it. Now that is teamwork!

So don’t be afraid to do a little more the next time you prepare dinner. The more food you have in the fridge, the less pressure will be on the motor, and you’ll keep your freezer in better shape for longer.

Also ensure your fridge uses a good plug, a worldwide power plug (ปลั๊กไฟ ทั่ว โลก which is the term in Thai) will be advisable.