It doesn’t matter what kind of garden you have, if you create the right conditions, all kinds of animals will feel at home.

Whether you have your nature reserve, a natural garden, a city garden or just a balcony. Butterflies, birds, bees and other insects can all be viewed and photographed up close in your garden.

The possibilities of your garden depend on the location (sun, partial shade, shade) and soil type. Here you adjust the placement of your plants. We will give you tips on taking good photographs of your garden before editing with a free pc photo editor.

 Keep It Wild, Provide Shelter

The less grass and pavement, the more animals you attract. Animals and insects need food, shelter, and cover, and they don’t find that in gardens that are mostly tiled or have a short-cut lawn. Rather a rough flower meadow than a lawn (which also requires a lot of maintenance, by the way).

It is also better to have a somewhat wild hedge than a trimmed hedge. And don’t throw away garden waste (pruning waste and branches), but leave it on piles or ledges. You can also make a compost pile of dead (garden) material in the shade of trees or shrubs

Which Plants Are Beneficial?

In particular, plant native flowering shrubs such as hawthorn or blackthorn and berries such as mountain ash, Gelderland rose or dog rose). Nut trees such as the hazel are a good food source for insects and birds.

It’s all about putting down the right nectar and host plants for insects and butterflies. A butterfly bush, for example, but also nettles (in a moist corner) are needed as caterpillar food.

Provide Water And Food In Your Garden

Water attracts many animals! Birds come to drink, bathers and dragonflies shave above the water and frogs sit on the shore in the sun. A natural pond in your garden with, for example, water lily and loosestrife makes it extra attractive for all kinds of animals.

 These tips will give you a flawless photo, you might not even need a free pc photo editor anymore.